Which famous people have you actually met?

Following on from the Apple thread (which looks like it is going down another rabbit hole of « I am right » « no, I am right »…. I thought I would try and divert the good people of SF with a light hearted thread on famous people.

As a journo I know that 99% of everything printed is utter codswallop (google me for starters if you want to read some complete and utter fiction) and that is never truer than when it comes to celebrities.

My blood boils every time I read a DM comment thread where Beryl from Tamworth states categorically that « Meghan Markle is a XXXX » as I very much doubt that Beryl has ever met the woman.

So as we are an interesting bunch, who have you actually met and what did you make of them?

Will this thread become political ?

Sorry. Dustin Hoffman, a gentleman.
Trevor Brooking, limp handshake I’m afraid.

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I met Mike Reid (of Eastenders and various other acting roles) at Bankeys Bark in Great Dunmow Essex (near to where he lived). Vanessa also met him in the dentist’s waiting room at Great Dunmow…
In my case, I was just entering the bank as he was coming out… I recognised him as “somebody I knew” but in the split second of passing each other couldn’t remember where so I just said “oh hi” which he graciously acknowledged with his famous broad grin saying “hi” back. It dawned on me who he was as I took my place in the queue…


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Probably… I also met William Hague when he was leader of the Tories at my local airfield where he flew in for meetings in the constituency and then later at a dinner :wink:

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Nicolas Sarkozy, but literally just a handshake (tiny person)
Ruby Wax, back in the early 80’s (horrible woman, couldnt stop telling adult jokes at a family “show”
Dave Allen, funny man
Frank Carson, another funny man. He was the compere of a couple of shows Iworked on in London . Couldnt stop telling jokes
Mikhail Gorbachev’s sauna in the Hotel Mezdunarodnaya in Moscow (long story :joy:)


Met as in actually had a conversation with?

Ed Stafford - explorer extraordinaire. Lovely bloke full of amazing stories.


He was the landlord at my local pub (Norbiton & Dragon) when I was a student.

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Clive Dunn was always trying to tell me jokes. Visited me in hospital when i had septesemia and bought me lovely flowers, I knew him for a few years and he had an appartement near my restaurant in London,
Interview ed David Bowie, Cream and Pricol Harem for my young Chelsea. Bowie was charming and all of Cream were on another planet.
I knew Michael winner he was a customer in my restaurant.
Queen initially met them as Smile.
Peter Green he was my best friends boy friend. He was the founder of Fleetwood Mac
Jimit Hendrix …he played or should i say jammed with my band at a night club in London.
Darcy Bussel ,she is a neighbour of sorts.
The Rausings of Tetra Pack…i used to cook for them sometimes.
Judith Durham knew her briefly we have just lost her


In Kingston?

Yes in Kingston (89-93)

That is going to take some beating - you have set the bar pretty high Barbara!

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I’ve never met anyone famous, seen a few but would never speak to someone “famous” if they were out and about.

My life in London was exciting and the people of that time were


Prince William, when I was treating one of his polo playing friends on Aston Down.
Totally normal and very pleasant.

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Margaret Hodge, when she was leader of Islington Council, and as a neighbour. And her husband, who was my landlord at the time!

Chris Smith when he was head of housing in Islington Council – much younger then, a friendly and intelligent man - sat and discussed architectural housing design with him. He was the first openly gay mayor, first openly gay MP. And is or was a Peer.

When 18 years old was privy to a visit from the notorious property developer Peter Wrachman, when I was a junior in the office of the Surveyor to the Diocese of Chelmsford Essex. What a strange/weird mix…! Whispering around the office when he arrived, us looking out the top window, looking down into New Square/Lincoln’s Inn Fields, seeing a white convertible Rolls Royce, and someone wearing a wide brimmed white hat & a white suit, sitting in it. Then muffled footsteps and muffled voices when he came in, and eventually left. Never knew or know to this day what went on in the other room!

Not me now, but my dad as a London black-taxi-cab driver, who picked up King Hussein of Jordan when he was a prince, who wanted a tour of London, with his minders. My dad was a cockney bloke who chatted with anyone and everyone from whatever background, about anything. Wish I’d kept a diary of dad’s famous people. All a bit hazy now but remember in particular Prince Hussein who wanted specially to go see Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

I form no views or have real insights into famous people, whether I have met them close up or seen them at a distance. I accept who and what they are as I see them at the time. Can’t see into their souls. As with good friends you don’t really know them until you know them. Edit: unless it’s Trump!


Blimey, good question.
Quite a lot of showbiz and sporting people.
The most unusual probably would have to be the king and queen of Tonga. We sailed together for a few weeks on the same ship. It was a cargo ship in which the owners suite (sounds grand but it was basically a lounge, bedroom and bathroom and wc) were amended to take into account their sheer size. The wc was reinforced to take the weight.
Very nice couple.

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The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh; she asked what we were doing in Kuwait, he asked what the bogs were like!

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Living in London in the 60 s and 70s there was magic in the air.
I have been convicted for living in the past but there are no moments or people
to compare in modern times.

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I ended up at a housewarming party in Notting Hill in the late 90’s - I found myself chatting to Martyn Ware (The Human League / Heaven 17) and Martin Fry (ABC). Both really nice interesting people to talk to - they seemed quite interested to talk to someone that was not an actor or musician :slight_smile:

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I use to cook for John Cleese. Julie Christie and Terrance Stamp plus Lucien Freud yes and would talk with them too. Everything is great in Notting Hill Gate. Quinessance.

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