Who does the washing up?

It is essential that kids see “dad” doing the washing-up (ie not just mum)

In our house it’s firmly,… the lave vaisselle!


Ours too. Wouldn’t be without one.



OH offered to buy another TV with his Christmas Bonus, one year. I opted for a dishwasher… and we’ve never looked back. Zanussi machine that’s about a million years old… but it works… yippee… :heart_eyes:

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it is the dish washer except for the saucepans.which are hand washed.

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i do more washing up than anyone in my house. Always have done. Also do all the clothes washing and hanging out most of the time and vacuuming.

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We bought ours 11 years ago when I first came to France. I’ve had to replace the rollers on the lower basket/rack/cage (what’s it called?) and the soap dispenser is broken but it still washes well. If it died I would be lost… :worried:

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I have a dishwasher but never use it. I used to use it when people came to stay but there are so many things that I use that I don’t put in it I might as well wash up everything by hand anyway.

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Fair enough David… it’s not everyone’s choice. I have few things that are not DW proof and they get done by hand, but the vast majority of stuff is OK.

Me, Mk 1, not worth a machine for two of us, good when there were a couple of kids :slightly_smiling_face:

The staff…naturally


:rofl: :+1:

Anyway… the whole point of the article in Sud Ouest… is that it is important for everyone to be able to do the washing-up… and in SO’s case… they say the kids should see Dad doing it… so they learn it is not “women’s work”…

Being able to wash by hand is a must… but if one does have the machine… it is important to fill the dishwasher correctly… :roll_eyes:


And for the kids to see daddy, filling, starting, emptying the machine correctly! Technical stuff :+1:


Me…! I’ve had a dishwasher in the past when the kids were younger but can’t say it was ever on “must have list”…,I find it therapeutic having my hands in water as long as the washing up liquid isn’t full of harsh chemicals…the majority of my time in Brittany it’s just me and the Collies so it’s definitely not needed now…My essential list when the kids were younger was the washing machine and tumble dryer…Looking back it was always me that did the washing up whether dish washer or by hand…I can’t say as my kids have suffered any detriment except perhaps to see their dad in a different light now they are adults…and none of their current views were ever shaped by seeing me washing the dishes…x :slight_smile:

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We have a diswasher that goes nearly every day, I do the washing up as I actually like doing it.

As for children being given an example, give me strength. When the kids (now in their 20’s) come home they don’t lift a finger to help because in their words ‘they’re guests’. You can set all the examples you want but each individual will do what he or she wants or feels inclined to do.

Mainly it is me, we have a dishwasher but it is only an eight place setting, so all the pans are done by hand.
I cook lunch ever day, so there is always washing up to do.

When I grew up my father always did the washing up late at night after we were all in bed. I rarely saw him doing it but I knew he did. My family didn’t have conventional role models as my father also cooked a lot and my mother, an academic, had had the better opportunities in life, a better education, the more responsible job (although my father’s position was pretty good too), and brought in the most money. My sisters and I were raised as equals and offered exactly the same opportunities in life.


“Raised as equals” … that is just what the Article is on about… :relaxed: everyone willing to turn their hand to anything…

I have a particular memory of my Dad making the Christmas Puddings… we kids all had a stir and made a wish… I couldn’t reach the bowl properly, so I had to stand on a chair… (not normally allowed, which is perhaps why the memory stuck)…

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