Who’s got snow?

We have - which is almost unheard of down here near Dax. Roads are carnage with cars in ditches everywhere. Luckily I am working from home today but I’ll be surprised if my student arrives!

Brrr… makes me rush for my thermals… but it does look lovely…:slightly_smiling_face:

Well you can send yours up to me! We normally have snow here through the winter (we’re at 750 metres) but right now it is -14 and no snow so I could do with some to protect my plants/bulbs and so on. Garden looks a little odd as a collection of upturned buckets over the more delicate plants, and mounds of fleece instead of snowy insulation. Far less attractive!

did something happen i cant see the comment i made nor the original post just 3 comments

oh wait there are 2 snow posts hahahahaha

Ha ha Harry…

I’m trying to keep you on your toes… did it deliberately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(actually Catherine and I posted at the same time but neither of us realised)… I’ve deleted mine…we can all chat on this one… :slight_smile:

No snow here yet Stella - just very cold :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

I had my free loft insulation put in a couple of weeks ago - good timing and what a difference!


That is good news… about the free insulation. We may have to use you as “the” person who will tell-all when folk ask about it in future… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Makes me wish I was young enough to enjoy it all…

Thanks Stella! Xx

If anyone is interested, a short video clip of my pony (in the snow!) is going to be on France 3 today at lunchtime :slight_smile:


and will your pony be available for “hoof-print” autographs :hugs:

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Cold here with snow forecast for this evening. Fifteen degrees forecast for tomorrow.

Just started snowing here but 16 degrees for tomorrow.

hahahah i was like what is going on lol. my brain was on a super slow today.

Plus 16 or minus 16?

Hi Catherine, it has been -13 last night and has just started to snow here in the Clunysois.

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Plus. But it’s only forecast to be 14 degrees now.

So far, less snow than predicted here at 970 metres in Lozère. Only 2 cm which is nothing. But the temperature again dropped to minus 16.5 overnight and with the north wind still blowing it’s freezing. Hasn’t got above -3 all day.

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It’s been bitterly cold here the last couple of days with a cutting brutal wind. The temperature has risen a little now, and it’s started snowing with more forecast overnight and tomorrow morning! :snowflake::snowman::snowboarder:

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