Why do people "troll"?

Yes…why do people come to internet forums/sites with the
intention of causing a row or trying to intimidate others?
A healthy disagreement is fine and discussion is good…but why?
Is there not enough hate in the world?


Hello Barbara
I agree with you that a healthy disagreement is fine and discussion is good. I think that maybe some people have such narrow little minds that they like ‘stirring trouble’ for the sake of it. They post vitriolic comments and gleefully wait for the responses.

My French partner is passionate about ‘natural food’ and not using pesticides, the comments he received after publishing on a French site he uses were personally abusive, hateful and sometimes bore no relation to the discussion at all.
He calls these people and their comments ‘sterile’ and doesn’t bother responding because that is what they need.
I wish I had the same tolerance :wink:


Good morning.
I feel that this trolling often sets in with people who are terribly set in their
ways and, perhaps have been lead a regimented life style. Their new
found freedom offers them superiority and omniscience and it all seems
to be a little like bullying. These people do seem to get a thrill if they think that they
have caused upset!!!
I study people a little…why not they are very important in our lives and I have
met so many.


Controlling trolling is one of the reasons that this forum likes to have your real name & mugshot displayed.
My rule of commenting on forums is that if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face then don’t say it online. I then find that ignoring the trolls is the best way of stopping them.


Yes I suppose we do have to ignore them…and then they go away for
a while…perhaps.

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Why do they call them Trolls?

'Cos they live under bridges and generally try to get your goat??
Just a wild guess :slight_smile:


Ray… that song has stood the test of time… I sang it with my grandson as we passed over a very long bridge in the UK last week…:relaxed:

Hi Stella,
sorry I don’t know the song but I do remember the tale of the Billy Goats Gruff :relaxed:

I’m a Troll fol di rol… and I’ll have you for my supper…


Strange how the troll’s in lord of the Rings don’t live under bridge’s and don’t it seems eat goat. In fact I’ve no idea what the trolls ate, or the Orcs for that matter, but there was an awful lot of them.

They ate out of date ready meals and over ripe fruit.

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I avoid a picture because it causes more trouble especially from men flirting. It means more privacy. Contact address is enough.

@fayjay … you nearly made me choke on my tea…:grin: Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don’t have any problem…:wink:

Sometimes a pic on here or elsewhere is a reminder of how we really look.
We are not all as lovely as we were way back then in the days when we
mingled with Shrimpton or Twiggy at a party.
So …yes perhaps it is not an asset to remain a little proud of what
we once had…but it proves that we are alive and there is hope.


Shrimpton and Twiggy? Or should that have been shrimps and twigglets?

For you Trevor…perhaps.

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There can surely be very few who could disagree with each of your points.
Finely put