Why do people "troll"?

Without a doubt we have our private moments.
As you have described.
And some times our comments may appear to be a
little pointed and possibly unwanted by the other reader.
But to deliberately make attacks on others in order to
defeat them mentally and cause distress…that is something else!


You are in disguise in your hat and glasses!

Ha ha… Fay… not in disguise, just sheltering from a very hot sun in that photo…(I don’t have many photos of me, I’m usually the one behind the camera)

Why don’t you use a nice photo of yourself, instead of just the F. ???

We are a decent lot… and I’ve not seen any evidence of flirting on the Forum (well, not so far…)

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You are right but you cant control people attitude the only thing you can do is to ignore such people.

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I’ve long thought a lot of people have an Internet persona,different to how they are in real life Online people can be what they want and I suspect that a lot of the most strident on forums would be very meek and mild if we met them.
Another thing I have noticed, on forums on many subjects, is that sometimes ,someone joins a new (to them )site they post a few times and get some positive feedback, they post more and get more good feedback. This then carries on. After a while the poster thinks they are pivotal to the forum ( and often assumes authority they don’t have). Their postings become more forceful ( for want of a better expression) and other posters start to object, or disagree. The original poster thinks ’ they can’t say that to me, this is me ’ and that’s when trouble starts.


Nowadays… I have decided not to argue with folk who twist my words and forcibly attribute to me all sorts stuff…stuff that is derogatory and/or untrue… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve now decided that they only do it to get a response from me… :thinking: because when one is affronted, it is only natural to leap in with some sort of counter… “but that is not what I mean/think/believe”… and thus the stuff goes back and forth…

I shall just “flag” them… and leave them to it… and I would suggest “flagging” for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation… only by “flagging” sufficiently, can such folk be persuaded to toe the line… :relaxed:

Some people might say bring back flogging… I just say… flag 'em… :wink::smile::rofl:

NB: If you see an offending post, already flagged… feel free to flag it yourself… this helps “test the water” of opinion… no need to answer such stuff… flag/flog it… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses::grin:


Why Trolls? Because they are trolling for a response (fishing).

Don’t feed them! Terrible things happen if you feed them.

I remember being thrilled when I discovered French forums. Loving France but being restricted to the time I can spend there I thought they would be a perfect way to keep in touch. I was so disappointed when I realised a lot of people were only there to argue and cause trouble and deliberately baiting other posters. I think some of it is boredom


Nellie… have you seen the video links to different parts of France… that I post from time to time…

Put onto full screen…sit back with a glass of something… and you can imagine you are here…:relaxed::relaxed: even when you aren’t…:thinking:

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Thanks Stella I will do that! I hope to be back in about three weeks

That should be great… the crowds will have died down a bit, but it will still be lovely… :relaxed:

Why do trolls troll?

“Ilowakun glooug, athigakun dulrunakum, ushrollakun ushrolrag.”

It’s an old troll aphorism, and translates as “cows moo, pigs grunt, trolls troll”. :joy:


Several videos in this thread…

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For our troll readership, a translation:

“Guloakum Duium Shrakaloonakun gubag ashkieakun iniveum Gurancuth…”

Gulolmar inintug gorouum gulatakun! (Hold on to your hats! It’s windy up aloft).

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I haven’t had men flirting with me for many a moon; however, I avoid a picture because I have detested having my picture taken since I was a young child. I now only bow to the French authorities who insist on having one for my various cards, licenses, etc. Sadly, owing to the fact that they insist on one posing in the most unflattering manner possible, I hate them even more!

I do have a sweet photo of my dog, which I would gladly use for the Forum, if it was allowed!

Hi Nancy…

Please do use a photo of your dog … that would be delightful and has got to be better than a rather uninspiring N…:relaxed:

Or even better, a photo of you AND your dog , even if the dog takes up most of the screen!
That way you’re staying within the original spirit of Survive France AND we get to see your doggo!

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Here’s one I took this morning.


Just what we need David. Less arguing and more dog photos :smile:

I don’t have a dog sadly so here’s a picture of my Mum’s.