Why does the Royal family need so much money?

(Barbara Deane) #81

You all keep going on about percentages and figures!
In reality they are not providing the answer.
It is more a question of over indulgence!
I do remember going to the bank to ask for a loan in order to
open a restaurant.
I was asked for projection figures and I knew that I could
create a picture for the bank manager and it could be one
which he would approve. But it really would be a bit Harry
Potter like…
My directions and actions have been instinctive and deep down
inside I know.
And, I suppose a bank manager has the same understanding of
a situation…or he should…I think.
My restaurant was tiny and not without lots of limitations and I wanted the freehold
next door. During a recession we were observed by a bank who granted us
with a 110 % mortgage and we went on to establish a business which was built
slowly during some very adverse times,
We passed through every problem achieving financial stability and an excellent
In my mind I knew that life in London was not sustainable and I knew that we needed
to move to France.
Once again the figures were thrown in my direction…my best friend telling me how
her brother lost his very successful business in Paris and it was all down to the tax situation
in France. She said that I had to do my sums.

You really do not need additions, percentages and figures in life to tell you your answer!
These are just a scaffolding of confusion.

“Why does the Royal Family need so much money?”

I could go on to describe a film I watched yesterday on British TV…which starred
Gregory Peck and although it was whimsical and terribly romantic it was illustrating
the power of money and fame.

(stella wood) #82

Hi Barbara…

It is up to you and me, what we do with our own money… and why should anyone ask why we need so much ??.. or so little…:grin:

Personally, I consider it an impertinence to complain or question how anyone spends/uses their own money…(provided what they do is not illegal of course…) … but not everyone will agree…

Some folk (on this thread) were saying/complaining at what they perceive the RF cost the Country…I am pointing out that a huge amount of money belongs to the RF and that the RF allows the Country to take the greater portion… which seems generous in my opinion.

(Barbara Deane) #83

Yes I understand that comment.
But my last post was to explain that figures may not be important to all
of us.
Coming from upper middle class is not, perhaps a meal ticket to life s
store cupboard of happiness.
That, of course is not me!
what does the Royal Family earn…?
And who pays for that "salary"
Who makes the decision on how the money is spent and the work performance
us that regulated.
No one can tell me not to spend a big portion of my earnings on my animal
friends because I have created that income for myself with the use of my
own expertise and I then pay my taxes…
Somehow this is a little different.
You may disagree…

(stella wood) #84

Hi Barbara…

You feel that no-one has the right to tell you what to do with your money…and I suspect that the Royal Family probably feel exactly the same way that you do.

With the RF the sums are so vast it is better to talk in percentages… and it is clear that the lion’s share of their Investment Earnings goes to the Treasury… and NOT into their own pockets…what the RF do with the income they receive is surely up to them (as for you and I)

Perhaps a more interesting question would be… What does the Treasury do with the huge revenue it receives from the Crown Estates ?..

(Barbara Deane) #85

Why yes of course…what do they actually do with that money?

Any one can google anything and buid up a history of political data.
I am not one of these Googlers of politics.
I am merely interested to try to understand what is actually going on
around me.

(stella wood) #86

Barbara…As you and I both know… finance is a very complicated subject.

Now, I shall leave it to others to put in their two penn’orth… :grin:

(Ann Coe) #87

Hello Stella

Indeed It would be very interesting to know what the Treasury does with the huge revenue it receives from the Crown Estates.

I would imagine that being a Royal isn’t a bed of roses either, constantly watched, photographed and having ‘words put into their mouth’. Prince Harry recounts to the BBC that his mother had abuse hurled at her by some of the press in the hope that she would react and they could photograph this!

As to why they need so much money or what they spend it on, well I think that it’s their business.

Yes I am a Royalist and not ashamed to admit it ! :slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #88

Guesse that I am not.

I still wonder what really happened to Dianna.

(David Martin) #89

You are displaying double standards here. With your money you resent people asking questions about your income and savings and want to be free to spend it as you wish. With the Royal Family’s income you want to know every small detail of how it is earned and how it is spent. Don’t members of the Royal Family deserve to have the same level of privacy as yourself? As pointed out, the Exchequer does very nicely from the income generated by Crown property but a bit like North Sea oil revenue it appears to disappear into a big black hole once collected.
Diana died in a car accident. I remember seeing it on the news.

(stella wood) #90

Perhaps the next Sovereign will NOT be content to hand over control of Crown Estates (the Sovereign’s Public Estate) to the Government. The Sovereign would have every right to do so… and (personally) I wouldn’t blame Him/Her …bearing in mind how much rot and rubbish is written/said about them…

It would be interesting to consider/find out how the Government would cope without that enormous income…

(David_Naylor) #91

Yes Barbara it was certainly mysterious but look on the bright side we got a nice memorial fountain in London all they got in Paris was a “slow down” sign

(Barbara Deane) #92

Mr Martin.
You fail to listen and you continue to be omniscient.

My details of income and activities are totally transparent.
If HSBC were organised they would have a complete picture of
all my details, taxes paid, property bought and sold.
All the transactions were and still are transparent.

No double standards!
What are you talking about…saying that I want to know every little detail of
how the Royal Family spend their money?

“Diana died in a car crash…you remembered seeing it the news.”

Yes David…just like that.

(stella wood) #93


Barbara…I think you are totally misunderstanding some of the answers (and questions) that are being posted here. Particularly those of @Aquitaine.

In your own posts you have asked questions about the Royal Family…

“What do they actually do with that money?..And who pays for that “salary” …Who makes the decision on how the money is spent and the work performance how is that regulated.”

You may not be aware that the Royal Family publish accounts, pay tax (voluntarily)… and are as transparent as you or I…it is only the size of the amounts that are so very different.

It would seem that the HSBC enquiries upset you… that you felt their questions were unnecessary…and intrusive…that sufficient information was already known.

In the same way… the Royal Family have made information available… and further delving into their financial affairs… could well be seen as intrusive and unnecessary.

When you have given some thought to my words, I am sure you will understand better what @Aquitaine is trying to say.

(Barbara Deane) #94

I do understand what Aquitaine is saying!
We are just so very different to each other…and as I said do not seem to be

(Bob Wilkinson) #95

While I am the first to agree that the royal family could certainly get by living a little less extravagantly (do they really need so many palaces? Wouldn’t one be enough?) when you consider that if the UK had a constitution along French lines, we would probably now have President & Mrs Blair ensconced in Buckingham Palace costing very near as much… No, our old Queen is no so bad after all.

(Paul Turpin) #96

Why do they need so much money?

Nobody needs so much money.

(Barbara Deane) #97

Nobody needs so much money when people die on the streets
of starvation and the chill of the night.

(anon54681821) #98

what they do though is their choice.

No one truly knows what they give away or what they earn…

Quite honestly its their business to do as they please.

(Peter Juselius) #99

Its her country? :roll_eyes:

(Timothy Cole) #100

The individual members of the Royal Family don’t get tens of millions as a ‘salary’, they get annual grants to run their households and maintain the properties they live in. Liz’s personal wealth is mostly inherited and much of the royals overall fortune can’t be touched as effectively it belongs to the state.

In reality no one person NEEDS millions or billions to survive but there will always be the very wealthy and everyone else and there’s naff all anyone can do about apart from whinge.