Why Italy was hotspot for Coronavirus

Anyone seen this in today’s Guardian -

I had read reports that there were a large number of Chinese in Italy; included in the report was the suggestion that the Chinese workers were in Italy as low-paid employees/workers for the Italian ‘luxury’ brand market so items could be sold as Produced in Italy - using cheap labour. Seems this Guardian report backs up what I’d already read.
And Austria is heavily implicated in the spread because the wealthy elites spent time on their ski-ing holidays, and despite cases being reported the authorities ‘hushed’ it all up for as long as they could.
So there we have an interesting aspect - the poor Chinese workers in Italy, and the rich on their ski-ing holidays - helped spread this Chinese virus. Funny old world isn’t it ?

We’ve been censored; the whole series of posts about the origin of this chinese virus have disappeared. Anyone think it had something to do with questioning china’s record on human rights ?
What’s going on - don’t we have free speech any more.
Watch it everyone - seems we can’t speak the truth any more.

Aren’t they here? :

Italy is a relatively small country with high population in the north.
UK is a relatively small country with high population in the south.
The only other difference is that Italy is a few weeks ahead.
I expect to see a very similar situation developing in the UK.

Don’t be ridiculous.


Actually I edited both the topic headers where the OP referred to Chinese Virus as I found it unacceptable


I understand your concern but please do not do that again. Message myself or @james
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