Why Italy was hotspot for Coronavirus

Anyone seen this in today’s Guardian -

I had read reports that there were a large number of Chinese in Italy; included in the report was the suggestion that the Chinese workers were in Italy as low-paid employees/workers for the Italian ‘luxury’ brand market so items could be sold as Produced in Italy - using cheap labour. Seems this Guardian report backs up what I’d already read.
And Austria is heavily implicated in the spread because the wealthy elites spent time on their ski-ing holidays, and despite cases being reported the authorities ‘hushed’ it all up for as long as they could.
So there we have an interesting aspect - the poor Chinese workers in Italy, and the rich on their ski-ing holidays - helped spread this Chinese virus. Funny old world isn’t it ?

We’ve been censored; the whole series of posts about the origin of this chinese virus have disappeared. Anyone think it had something to do with questioning china’s record on human rights ?
What’s going on - don’t we have free speech any more.
Watch it everyone - seems we can’t speak the truth any more.

Aren’t they here? :

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Italy is a relatively small country with high population in the north.
UK is a relatively small country with high population in the south.
The only other difference is that Italy is a few weeks ahead.
I expect to see a very similar situation developing in the UK.

Don’t be ridiculous.


Actually I edited both the topic headers where the OP referred to Chinese Virus as I found it unacceptable


I understand your concern but please do not do that again. Message myself or @james
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Looks like Sars CV2 was initially carried to Italy in August 2019

It’s an interesting paper but, if I’m reading it right, they are claiming over 10% of the blood samples - in an effectively random population sample - were positive for SARS Cov-2 antibodies before the pandemic struck.

That’s an incredibly high level if we consider that, as of today, less than 10% of Italy’s population has tested positive for Covid during the whole of the pandemic (just over 4 million cases from a mpopulation of 60 million - 6.7% approx).

But these are confirmed cases. They will be a fraction of actual infections.

Initially yes it was true that only symptomatic patients were tested which led to a significent under-estimation of true case numbers.

However as testing became much more widespread many more asymptomatic cases were tested - probably for the last 9 months positive tests represented 80% or more of the actual case numbers.

10% of a random sample positive for antibodies in September 2019 is massive and it warrants some analysis (which was not offered) as to why these infections were not more obvious - with up to 20% of Covid cases being serious enough to need hospitalisation there should have been significant numbers of very ill people coming through.

It is very odd. I can only imagine the lack of serious cases if the virus at that time was less pathogenic but this would have been picked up. I’m sure we will hear more.

There’s a discussion of the pros and cons here…