Wild life in the garden, or around!

(Paul Flinders) #51

Hand, bit of card, outside table, something slightly bright and fuzzy - firefly?

(Elisabeth Morgan) #52

Un ver luisant ?

(Paul Flinders) #53

Silver Washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) by the patio - again in the Dordogne 2013

(stella wood) #54

It’s a Glow Worm… we have them every year… :hugs:

(stella wood) #55

Paul, how did you see that… ??? Magic ??

(Paul Flinders) #56

Turned the office light off, right click and “view image” in Firefox which puts the pic against a dark grey background, let your eyes adjust for a second et voilà.

(David Martin) #57

(stella wood) #58

Your camera is better than mine David… :hugs:

(David Martin) #59

It was taken on my phone. That phone has an awful camera, I was lucky.

(Helen Wright) #60

I’ve just spotted a few of these…in my front garden and not in the meadow/wilderness outback…their colour is more of a translucent bronze/gold than this photo depicts…extremely reflective…have not been able to identify them online so far…

(Paul Flinders) #61

Looks rather dung-beetleish

(David Martin) #62


(Bill Morgan) #63

Ours haven’t turned up for the last two years Dave :worried:

(Mandy Davies) #64

Hoopoe. Snap!!!


(Helen Wright) #65

It could be but it seems a bit “bright”…they are on my hazels…the neighbouring field at certain times of the year has several cattle on it…I’ve been a bit sleepless the last three days as the farmer put two freisans on there who have done nothing but bellow and cry…I think it’s a beef farm rather than dairy but they have sounded so distressed and mournful that I can’t help thinking their calves have been taken away…,A calf was born in the field at the bottom of my garden today…whisked away in a tractor but then the mother was guided back to the cowshed…maybe they get to spend some time with their calves before separation…Equally I could have totally misinterpreted the situation…

(David Martin) #66

There’s always at least one here. I’ve never taken a good photo as I hide behind windows and use a long lens to stop them taking off. I’ve got lots of photos just none I’m proud of.
I do like this one my son took on his phone last year though.

(Mary Wolcott) #67


In case it’s useful, I’m posting an excerpt from an article that I particularly like that advises on pruning your older lavender:

“The timing of pruning for older plants is much more important than for first year plants. In the spring as soon as the plants begin to show green colour, any dead material should be removed. The plants can be lightly pruning at this time to remove any damaged branches or to lightly shape plants affected by winter kill. Aggressive pruning in the spring is not recommended because the developing flower buds will be present on the new growth. In addition, the new growth after pruning appears to be more susceptible to spring freezes, and damage can be increased by early pruning.”

Excerpted from the article at this website: https://onspecialtycrops.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/lavender-pruning-the-key-to-healthy-plants/

(stella wood) #68

Even your phone is better than mine… :hugs:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #69

Thank you very much Mary :rose:

(Chris Kite) #70

Really good for a tablet I reckon. I can quite imagine we will all be throwing our cameras in the bin in the not too distant future.