Will there be a new tax on second homes owned by British people?

Is there going to be a new tax imposed on British owners of second homes here?
It does not affect me but it could be uncomfortable for those British people who are
contemplating buying a holiday home here or trying to sell.


I already posted a link in Property & Home… which you might find interesting… it gives some info… but the final outcome will probably depend on the individual communes.

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Yes it is bad news for some.
Did not see your post.
One property is enough for us but I can understand how tempting it is to invest in property
especially for young people.

I was under the impression it only affected towns, cities and communes with a population of over 50k.

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Perhaps but I have not read the article…just know that the article has
been written.

And currently only in 28 large towns… (can’t find the actual list tho’.)

Il s’agit des communes appartenant à une zone d’urbanisation continue de plus de 50 000 habitants où existe un déséquilibre marqué entre l’offre et la demande de logements, entraînant des difficultés sérieuses d’accès au logement (niveau élevé des loyers et des prix d’acquisition des logements anciens, notamment). La liste de ces communes est fixée par un décret du 10 mai 2013. Au total, 28 agglomérations, comprenant 1 151 communes, sont concernées. Cette liste est susceptible d’être actualisée par décret régulièrement.

Seems fairly clear.

Well clear aside that it’s in the Local. This measure was in operation during the Hollande years. Caused a great flutter in places like Arcachon.


I don’t think it will change our decision to by a second house in France - it just may result in more taxes needing to be paid.

Is the tax likely to stop people from buying to rent?
Tax hab and Fronciere would be high in Arcachon and Bordeaux but
perhaps it would not stop people renting.
And does this just apply to Brits this time round with the gun facing just
the Brexit decision or is it about finding more revenue in general?

I think it’s a combination of things - attack on Airbnb, force people to sell so there are more properties available and easy revenue for councils.

Having seen what second home ownership has done to house prices and local communities in the part of England I come from I think extra taxes are a good idea. There house prices are completely out of sinc with local wages and small villages have become ghost towns except for a few weeks every summer.

Barbara… this news applies to everyone of whatever nationality…

It may stop people buying a property to rent out for holiday accommodation… but if they buy to rent-out long term… that will be fine… because the property will become the Main Residence for the Tenant and will no longer be a Maison Secondaire.

But a flutter of house sales means a few other things. Old tired houses being sold to
people who are going to invest in time and energy brings cash to famalies which desperately
want to move on.
More activity in a lonely village or even big city often brings the signs of fresh fortune.
We have now in my little area seeing things work…villages really coming to life not
just with ideas but with some more money circulating.
But people have to move with the times and put abuisness hat on if they want to earn an income.

This won’t help breath life into country villages.

Tim what does breath life into country villages?
However I disagree because I see that those who think and plan
manage to live rather than survive.
I have been living here 11 years and my eyes are open.
I know that many of you disagree.
That is your choice.
And your clients…how does that fit into your situation Tim?
Are some of your property owners owning second homes?
But, perhaps in unaffected regions?

Yes we have to pay what we have to pay.

The title’s a bit misleading/inflammatory isn’t it? There may be more additional tax on second homes, it may possibly be specific to non residents, but they’re not going to introduce a special tax for second homes owned by British people are they!

It’s getting harder and harder for communes to balance their budgets, I’m not sure “easy money” is quite the right term…

Yes it has a Brexit cold wind about it…why should the Brits have their cake and eat it?
I see this in the as a backstage idea which I can understand.
Easy money in the countryside…hardly.