Will your behaviour change from Monday 11/5/20?

Just wondering whether those of you who are self-isolating at the moment expect to behave any differently from Monday?
We certainly don’t expect to do much more than we’ve done for the last weeks. Getting a haircut for OH is an issue - but he’s now having doubts.
We will get in the car, drive 15 minutes and take the dogs to the canal for a walk as the towpath is much easier for Vita’s aging bones than our hilly terrain.
Apart from that? We’re being very, very cautious and happy to wait until we see what happens to the numbers.


Unless there is a real need for folk to do something different… I suspect that many around us here… in our commune… will continue much as during the last 54 days we’ve been locked-down.

the mobile shop, which can provide essentials… has promised to continue coming to the square once a week … for as long as folk want …

and now a baker has decided to join in… once a week.

Medications are now the only essential that we have to travel to town to get… and that is no great happening… a quick zip in and out… home again in under 30 mins… or so OH informs me. Seems we shall be doing that during next week… suitably masked etc… of course… I shall be interested to see what is “out there” in that big wide world… but very glad to get back home asap.

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Not at all.

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Yes - we are hoping to see some friends for dinner on Monday night and share a glass or 2.

With regards to close contact with others no but I will be out every day catching up on stuff that I haven’t been able to do for the last eight weeks.

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It will need to be a big table… or better still… a garden party, in the fresh air… :hugs:

Like Sgt. Wilson, I shall be asking “Is this wise?”

Hoping to find an open dentist.

I will be cycling and walking on some different but well known routes. My shopping habits will not be changing much but I will start using my preferred not my closest supermarket.

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I will be riding my horse off the property and onto the PR footpaths for a couple of hours and I just can’t wait. I wont meet anybody perfect.


I’m sure they’re out there somewhere… :grinning:


Hoping to get down to the river to do some fishing, going on a few longish 25-35km hikes & hoping that my employers send me an e-mail telling me I shall be unemployed until the 2nd of June!


We will go walking in different places, partly because the wild flowers are really getting going now so we like to visit places where we know different things grow. And perhaps walk with the friend we normally walk with, but on wide paths.

We will go to our preferred shop, not the nearest one. And I will arrange to meet the woman who framed some pictures for us two months ago to collect them, at a distance of course.

We will meet up with some friends, no hugging and kissing but conversation and perhaps a drink outdoors.

And I might go back to repairing the seats in our local cinema, which is 4km away so haven’t been able to get there. It has been closed since March, and won’t open soon. So just me and my sewing box.

And our pilates class is restarting Monday week, just 10 people at a time and outdoors rather than in the community centre.

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I would like to pick up my laptop, but the computer clinic is in a different department :slightly_frowning_face:

If both departments are the same colour and your laptop shop is less than 100 clicks away I think you can do that.

I’m off to Nice airport (84.5km) to rescue a car I’ve had stranded there since March 1st.

Interestingly, I read a warning somewhere that the police will be using “as the crow flies” not road milage to assess the 100k radius. Surely the road milage would always be greater than the crow flies?

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There will be no restrictions preventing you from travelling into another département. The 100km restriction is as the crow flies. If you stay within your département you are not restricted to 100km, you can go as far as the département boundary.

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Lily, just found this 100km as the crow flies gives you quite a bit of scope to travel. Stay safe.


Great stuff Wozza. I’ve been fiddling with a plastic circumscribing divider from a set of school geometry instruments, a stub of pencil, a tape measure, and a map of Normandie 1/200 000 = 2cm=2km. Ran out of floor space and patience.

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This link from @JaneJones in another thread is the simplest I think:

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I’m waiting for a call to resurrect my dental appointment cancelled at the start of confinement. I’m not keen to go, but I need to.