Will your behaviour change from Monday 11/5/20?

Interestingly Fleur you will probably find dentists among the most rigorous in their hygiene practices. They’ve needed to be since the days of the AIDs epidemic.
We’ve all got used to seeing our dentists wearing masks and googles for many years.

I had a crown fitted during the lockdown and my dentist just wore his normal mask and that was it, on the second rdv he even greeted me with no mask on at all.

Depends on how much the crow had to drink the night before… :smile:

A radius is a straight line from the centre of a circle to its circumference. Using the circle as your limit, there can be no argy-bargy over what route you might take.

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A very irritating aspect of the Google maps measuring line is that you can’t do more than one at a time, from your locus. You can extend the one you’ve drawn. Sometimes I run back through my locus and on out the other side. You are given, at the end of that line, the total distance.

Doing this you could create a cross, N-S-E-W. each 100kms from your locus. The distance shown at the end of the last one you drew would be 700kms.

I’m pretty reassured that you’re right!

Someone posted this on Facebook so it may be complete fiction but, if not, this is terrifying. I shall continue to behave for the foreseeable future as if everyone I come into contact with has the virus. It is the only way to stay safe until we have a vaccine, especially if you have an underlying health condition as I do.
Please stay safe everyone.
Izzy x

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Yes Christopher, but my point was that from point A at the centre to point B on the circumference is the shortest route. So if people calculate 100K using road milage they will always be within the circumference. So… I couldn’t figure out why the statement about the crow flying was a “warning”. It should have been “don’t worry”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Was it a warning… ah that would explain why folk are being told to carry proof of Residence Address in the car… so they can prove they are still within the 100km as the crow flies…

The chart’s from Wiki Irene and it seems to be accurate. Extreme caution is required alright.


No Stella, it wasn’t that sensible. It was a “warning” on how the police would assess the your distance from home. I’ve used one of the tools from another thread and printed it off to keep in the car to avoid any debate. But then I’m probably paranoid.

How long ago was that Tim :thinking:

Nice to see my home town :heart: on a map :grinning:

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Chatting to local Gendarme yesterday he said they’ll just check distance on their phones from your address on ID.

Haha! John! That reminds me of an observation I made when having a go with internet dating.

All those hopefuls who had addresses on or close to the coast, when specifying the distance they were prepared to go to meet a potential date, either had to factor in mermaids/mermen/aquatic fauna or simply have +/- 50% of their ‘catchment area’ written off.

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Two weeks John.

Thank goodness :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t make one feel any better :weary:

Ahh Jane. If your googling from here to there on your phone doesn’t it give you road distance, not as the crow flies? So, it may be back to that famous line from Airplane, “give me a vector Victor”.

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If I type a destination into Google maps it gives the straight line distance to that place. It’s only if I request a route that it gives actual travel distances.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!