Windows 10 upgrade - no answers

I got excited when I saw there was a free upgrade available to Windows 10 - big mistake and I don't know how to rectify it.

My upgrade has been 'reserved' so nothing has installed yet. But I have just read that, whereas Microsoft usually do a "like for like" upgrade, there is no equivalent of Windows 7 Ultimate in Windows 10. It will be downgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

1. I immediately hit the Microsoft site to find out how to cancel the reservation. "Right click on the icon, go into status check and click on cancel". Fine. Except there's no cancel option.

2. So I tried to chat to technical support - my machine blocked it saying it's not secured at Microsoft's end (!!).

3. I also haven't managed to find out whether the Windows 10 Pro version contains Bitlocker which is what started all this. I had to waste €200 a few months ago as my main client demanded the installation of Bitlocker so I had to buy Windows Ultimate to replace Windows Home. If Windows 10 Pro is a "downgrade" will I now lose Bitlocker?

What to do, folks? If anyone has any ideas I'd be more than grateful. If Bitlocker doesn't get nuked, it should be okay but why can't I cancel the reservation? If it downloads automatically, I may be screwed.

Axis P1343. I run 3 of them.

They are a full size camera and you have to put them in a housing. (a good deterrent if that is what you are looking for)

They are cheap at under £100 used on ebay if you are lucky.

They only have a 800x600 resolution BUT they have fantastic/accurate colours.

They have excellent low light performance.

They have a changeable zoom lens usually of around 3-8mm but there are long zooms available that go up to 100mm

And finally, Unlike the cheap Chinese stuff (Which I am battling with right this minute) they have bullet proof software and can be viewed with any software and embedded onto websites without a fight.

My public camera can be seen HERE The cameras include built in IRCut but do not have an IR emitter built in (£10 on ebay) which is why you cant see anything right now.

I just fancy the spooky tracking of the lens. What make do you recommend?

We have 4 running here (about to be 5 when 'Fish Cam' comes online) and the only reliable ones are older (expensive) Axis cameras.
I don't have tracking cameras but the one covering the drive captures all numberplates, recording separate images of them along with the video.

I sometimes can’t resist buying the odd latest gadget (finding an affordable auto tracking IP security camera is my latest fade, I want to see the postman’s face as this thing rotates and elevates watching him coming up the drive) and getting it to work but while the set up is fun the ruddy maintenance is a pain so I usually let them fade away.

Home automation. Something I have always wanted to do but never have.


Since you are a user of Win10, and forgive me if you have already answered these questions but I have been in hospital.

a) When it is available I assume we can download it from the Windows site. Is that correct>

b) The last time people upgraded to Win 7, they had all sorts of problems as Win 7 partially but not entirely over wrote earlier versions so you ended up with a melange. Am I right in thinking that as this is an entirely new system that will not happen?

c) Delighted that you like it and it is apparently bug "free" well reasonably so I guess, but does it work on what I will call conventional PCs without a touch screen?

d) I assume that it will still work with earlier versions off Office? I ask because the later versions are very, very limited if you want to do serious computing (using Excel specifically) The version of Office that I bought (circa 2005) is almost useless if you try to do complex arithmetic and produce graphical output outside the "norm" as assumed by M/soft (hence my reverting to pre 2000 versions).

Your insights would be much appreciated.


Peter S

Brian, I don’t think a single operating system can straddle low power (in both senses of the word) CPUs and topend multicore, multi threading jobbies. The user interface can be the same or simular but under the hood things like I/O routines, schedulers, dispatchers etc. need to be different. That’s why I never bought into the Windows 8 idea.

That’s what happens if you use Windows 10 to run your home automation system :slight_smile:

Speaking of houses did you find that smell of gas? ;)

As houses Carl :slight_smile:

Aha! Thank you. Sounds like those with Windows 7 and used to it may as well stick to it. It's more the 8/8.1 users who will benefit as that version has had the hiccups. I'm going to hang fire for the time being methinks. Thank you for the extra info - gives strength to the argument to stay with what I know.

Thanks Brian,

Will give it some thought.....

I have only just got used to WINDOWS 8.1 ......before then I used an ancient 2nd hand laptop with xp & then I hope it more or less looks the same as 8.1....

Valerie, this is the link from the WINDOWS SECRETS emailings that I get...

Hopefully this will work....

At least you will be safe John ;)

Virus protection on and Gmail pw changed an hour ago. Paranoia ruled before I saw Carl's explanation but it needed doing anyway.

I wonder if you’ve now got a virus? Safe clicking is the rule.

With pleasure, my lovely.

ps You need to try Carl's link above. Tickled me.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm still laughing.


Well i did say I wasn't a geek.

Perhaps I can forward or copy the text of my email to Valerie...?

I believe one has to be 'befriended' I've sent her a request.