Windows 11


Min 8th gen Intel CPU, mandatory link to M$ account, mandatory TPM module and secure boot.

No thanks :frowning:

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unmitigated disaster… why anyone stays loyal to windoze is beyond me…

Every reason to migrate to Linux (realising that @anon88169868 has many Linux instances)

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Because Macs are more expensive?

Pre-installation I suspect, if people had to separately choose,pay for and install their operating systems I’ll bet there would be more interest in alternatives.

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You can buy systems with ubuntu pre-installed…

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Dell have done Linux pre-installs for years - you can also (or could) get some lenovo and HP machines with Linux pre-installed and there are a few small laptop manufacturers that will supply machines pre-configured but you’ve basically got to know that these options exist which means you’re inevitably preaching to the choir.

Ultimately most people’s new PC comes with Windows pre-installed and there’s no incentive to explore alternatives unless you’re already a geek.

That will change, if not probably around 70% of pc’s that could have changed will not be able too, TPM 2.0 only not 1.2 as originally thought, usual MS PR disaster.
It will be backtracked on quite quickly as most of their own surface tablets will not work with that spec.

Possibly they backed down over similar requirements for W10 so they might do so again - or they might decide now is the time to enforce it - difficult to say.

I’ll bet they don’t back down on the linked M$ account though - the direction of travel has been clear there for some time.

Either way only one of my motherboards has it built in so W11 will probably only get run in a VM with an emulated TPM.

They first stated TPM 1.2, them backtracked and said TPM 2.0 only, then said support for fTPM was ok, then only 8th Gen or above processors with fTPM,.
Now it seems countries like China or Russia that doesn’t use TPM will not need support, then stated some systems will ship without TPM enabled :triumph:
Microsoft shoot in the foot communications :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They originally said that W10 was going to be “the last version of Windows” and there would just be a rolling program of updates - so much for that approach.

There’s no official launch date yet, probably October, so there’s a while for things to change/become clearer.

I’m not going to rush though.

I’m on the developers channel so will report back at the weekend what it is like, I used to write the Minix/Unix/Linux coding for our furnace operations software so can’t get out of the habit of tinkering :relaxed:

It has been quite a while though.

If we ignore the disasters, XP was released in 2001, W7 in 2009, W10 in 2015 so I suppose we’re due a new one.

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I’m a bit busy now but I’ll read this thread with interest later. I got the obligatory MS early adopter email where that try and tell us it’s a privilege to to do their product testing for them :sweat_smile:

I might download it if it runs in Parallels on Apple silicone. Another Windows option that I thought interesting a while ago, but then got diverted looking out the window, or something equally important, was this …

Worth a look?

Definitely - I posted about it some time ago though the LTT review was very much “hardcore only”.

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It’s not the easiest thing to get running and keep running :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I hope they don’t follow the old trend of every other version is a dud this time.


Oh deary me…

Insider development program and went to install Windows 11 on my spare HP laptop
i7 processor, 16gb memory, 1TB hard drive, TMP 1.5, 1GB DX12 graphics card, nope this pc does not meet the requirements and will not run Windows 11…really :yawning_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

TPM1.5?? - thought TPM was 1.2 or 2.0 (but the fact that it isn’t TPM 2.0 might be what’s tripping you up).

What gen processor and do you have UEFI/Secure boot turned on?

Was this verdict given by the “PC health check” or the install itself?

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