Winter flu jab, will you be getting yours?

The annual flu jab campaign has begun in France. Y

ou can buy the vaccine in pharmacies and for most it’s reimbursed at 65% and it’s free for those who fall in to the at-risk category, i.e. those with chronic illnesses, breathing difficulties or who are over 65.

Around 800 people were admitted to hospital during the winter of 2012/13 with severe flu of which over 150 died.

Ideally the vaccination should be administered between mid October and mid November and will last around 8 months. It takes a couple of weeks to kick in during which period you may experience mild side effects.

Will you be getting vaccinated this year?

We und that because my OH was having the jab for the first time he had to go to the doctor and not the nurse.

The nurse here was not keen to come to the house and I made a separate appointment, as I am not keen to wait in her very small waiting area picking up who knows what bugs. I had to pay a small amount which is reimbursed, even though I am asthmatic and over 65.

Bonsoir a tous,

James: what a brilliant idea on the alternative to crutches, and I wish you a speedy recovery too!

I get the flu vaccine religiously every year since 1996.

Not a choice but I feel like it is an obligation!

Yes, It has been and it still is an obligation for me being a single mom, and being the only one in my department at work!

After catching a nasty flu back in 1996 I decided to not ever be in a position where I am begging anyone to take care of my child at the time barely one year old because I caught the flu, and did not have anyone to take care of my child!

I don't like having to take the flu shot, it is not covered by the insurance and the cost is between $25.00 and $30.00 per shot, and I will stop doing it as soon as my youngest is off to college (which is next year).

not much choice here in the states as "Sick Leave" is considered a luxury in the private sector!

The issue is that sometimes certain strands of FLu are not covered by the vaccine and you still end up by catching the flu anyways which was my case back in 2006 and cost me 4 days out of work! (4 days out of schools for both my kids) if I had a choice I would have taken more time off but 4 days was all I could afford to be out, then I dragged myself back to the office!

I always wonder about the side effects, and work hard on myself not to think about it!

My kids don't get the flu shots because iI don't want them to.


@Vic, lol, Royal jelly is what is given to the queen bee, to eat, instead of honey.. it is secreted by the bees themselves. It accounts for her superior development, size, and intellegience... people thought about it, and tried it out, and it turns out it contains oligo-elements, proteins, and so on, and so can boost our immune systems. Worth a little research!!

As for the vaccine, well, it's not just the lack of testing, because let's face it, pharma testing is basically cooking of the books.
It's more about the reports of bad reactions, the ingredients being quite disturbing, and the fact that the vaccine only targets one fly, while many flus are around us, and so, it can not protect you from "flu" in general, only one strain, and also, it does not guarentee that you will not develop flu symptoms from the live vaccine.

Bonjour James - I hope your very poorly foot is getting better now. Just an idea for those people who have a nasty reaction to the FLU JAB. I had the same in England, and vowed I would never have it again, but my local doctor over here, when told, gave me a prescription for Homeopathic grains, which come in a little tube and are taken once a fortnight - no problems with these, and it's free to retired people.

NO WAY and my husband is of the same opinion. My next door neighbour was a nurse for many years and so it was obligatory, and she still has the injection now but her lungs are not in a good way. That said it is really up to the individual but having read how the injection is modified each year and is based on the conjecture of how flu virus may have changed I am inclined not to have it and given our age and early engagement with flue as children we should have the correct antibodies to help us fight the viruses. That said we will probably now go down with a form of flu. Sods law.

It was less than 10 euros for a home visit infirmiere here in Bretagne.

If you have a carte vital and are 65 or over they will send you the necessary paper work for the vaccine plus for your local nurse to come and give you the jab costs 10€ which you will then be payed by the secu. I have had to have it for the past 8 years having had lung cancer and COPD. I have never had a problem with the vaccine.

Of the 150 who died from the flu last year, I wonder how many had been vaccinated. Recent research in the states is showing that the vaccines are actually increasing the risks of infection, if not being the actual causal factor, The human body's immune system, when working properly, does a pretty good job of keeping us infection free, but when genetic influenza components are introduced directly into the body by injection all of the body's natural defenses are bypassed. Since there are no human studies performed on these seasonal vaccines before they are rushed to market, it seems to me insane to line up to become a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical companies. Since I discovered nano-catalytic silver hydrosols I have not had an infection of any sort in the past 15 years.

I won't - I was vaccinated against 'flu when I was at school and ended up spending 3 weeks in the infirmary with a reaction to it, including a week which I can't remember at all with a temperature of 107.2 (school record, yay!)... so no 'flu jab for me ever again.

Good question. I have had the prescription for a 100% arrive through the post a few weeks back because I have apnoea and a dicky ticker. I have never had flu, can count the colds on my fingers and some but not all toes over 65 years. So, good question. Do I bother, or simply because I have conditions that entitle me to the free jab should I have it? However, knowing there is mercury in it do I really want to poison myself instead?

If you are over 65, do you need to get a prescription from the Doctor or just ask at the Pharmacy direct ??

I take my chances with real flu every year... no way I'm having an untested vaccine containing poisons in my body. Are people really that naive??
Royal jelly is my best friend in winter.

Yes, we both will have the flue shots, they are in the refrigerator, ready for the nurse to stick us!!

Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, first of all i would like to know what is in it,is there mercury in it or formaldehyde, just wouldn't it be great if they gave you an exact list of all ingredients after ll they will be injecting this into your body so that you can make an intelligent decision instead of just going for it blindly. my choice of treatment is knock it on the head with colloidal silver nose rinse i know this works and haven't had a cold or flu for three years running and whats more you can make it yourself.they used to use it in the hospitals before Marie curie discovered penicillin they couldn't patent the silver molecule hence no money to be made hence no cure.

Too late, I've had flu for the past two weeks !!

most certainly yes, next week. My employer offers it free to all staff and their spouses, whatever their age, but I would have it anyway (I'm 59). Sarah has not had the flu if she could watch TV and read during it - you can't, you are too ill. If there was a 100 euro note outside your door you wouldn't be able to get up and get it. And you are tired and depressed for weeks afterwards. I've had flu three times, the last time in January 1997, and never again, thank you very much.

I have the vaccine in my 'fridge, ready to go round to the nurse when I am finally rid of the last of the symptoms of la tusse, which is doing the rounds here in 71. We have had it for six weeks and have been very tired.

If you've ever had the flu, you will want to have the flu jab!

Flu is not just a very bad cold. In my case I went down with it on Christmas Day, and only just made it home from the restaurant where we were having lunch - all of about 300 yards. I could very easily have died from hypothermia, and I knew it.

The next 10 days were spent in bed without even the energy to eat or clean my teeth - it's no fun way to be ill. Even seconds of sticking some part of me out from the duvet brought on incredible chills, although (partly because) I had a raging fever.

Then about 10 days recovery - and very gently back to work.

I don't think this is untypical, and now I always get the jab (6.14 euros this year) and lovely Nurse Nelly pops round to painlessly slide it in. I may get very mild side effects, but this is infinitely preferable. One year I had the flu even though I had the jab - this is possible, but the symptoms are very much reduced - you just feel rubbishy for about 3 days and have those well-known "flu-like symptoms" . Still far better than the real thing - no comparison.

Yes. My wife, an ex-nurse, usually gives it. She usually says "It's only a small prick"!