Winterising the pool

Hi @Corona
We’re going away next week so we were going to winterise the pool.
My very kind husband has given our 20l bidon of javel to a friend in need. There isn’t any javel left around here. In the event I don’t get any how can I best close the pool without shocking it?
Or should I just leave it for two weeks with the summer cover on?
Thanks in anticipation.

I wouldn’t have thought you could turn the pump off, or even reduce it much, at this time of year?

Righto… you’ll be away for 2 weeks… ???

@Corona what’s your best advice for the pool … ???

I used to wait (not sure why now🤔, advice, read it maybe?) until the water temperature was 15 C or lower before winterising. I would dose up with chlorine leave the summer cover on and leave the pump on a timer. You can usually get 5 litre containers of javel from supermarkets, but its not as concentrated so you’d need a few.

Is it two weeks you’ll be away?
If so I would put the summer cover on or if possible the winter cover to exclude more light.
If you have chlorine galets and the floating dispenser that would be fine for a couple of weeks.


I could ask the friend to check the pool for us then.
I worry as once after just 4 days away a hedgehog had fallen into the pool between the summer cover and the margelles.
We had hedgehog spines floating all over.
It was really sad and a bit disgusting.

Our winter cover is very heavy so once that’s on my husband will not touch it again until spring.
So yes probably the summer cover and galettes for two weeks.

What is the floating dispenser please?

These vary from 1% to about 1.6% chlorine for the weakest ones but some supermarkets also have 5 ltrs of 9.6% chlorine so read the container.

Baring in mind I have to usually close my pool when we leave for the UK end of September quite usually, I clean the pool thoughly, add a heavy dose of chlorine, pull on the winter cover and its left until spring but I havent had a bad opening with algae. I always shock the pool before I remove the winter cover and leave it 24-48 hours before removing the cover.
Thinking back to covid the pool was covered for almost 18 months without issue. I believe the AFM filtration has made a big difference as it removes so much more than sand, compared to local pools I used to work on that had issues.

They look like a flying saucer and are sold in a lot of supermarkets etc. Just make sure you get the right size for the galets, they do a small one for tiny pools with smaller galets for intex etc.

I think we all know that one, looking to improve on that. I showed a brilliant roller for a winter cover on here and got a devis from the company, they must be feckin joking at that price! I will look to make something similar.

Yes, I saw that advert.
We’re still exploring covers. I’m loathe to spend a lot and regret it.
I think I know the plastic dispenser you mean, the guy who put our new liner in said they weren’t good for the liner. I think he meant if they got stuck at the side.

Usually in front of working skimmer. Easy to tether with some cord clamped in the lid but with a cover that usually keeps it in place

Right there with you, I need a new winter/4 seasons cover. Will be looking around next week when I am over.

Not sure if this has been discussed here before. I’ve had some advice on winterising the pool by lowering the water level to below the skimmer and then shutting the filtration off till the spring and closing the cover, making sure that the water is in balance.
Any thoughts on this approach - would certainly save on energy costs.

Hi Yogesh, thats pretty much what I do not being resident in France. I also advocate opening the filters drain plug so its not full of stagnating water for months. Local weather conditions over winter would guide you further as to blowing out the lines and putting bungs in etc. If your skimmer has a connected overflow then that takes care of excess water from rain etc. I close off the various valves to allow me to take my pump indoors away from the threat of freezing.

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Yes, that’s what we do.
My husband shocks the pool, lowers water and ensures no water in pipes.
The point is not to let frozen water expand in the pipes and crack them.

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strikes me that one needs to make sure the pool is safe from intruders :wink: :wink:

Obviously more than one way to shock a pool… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I dont believe AFNOR standard: NF P 90-308.would cover it :joy:

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For two weeks :thinking: