Wise card and Google Pay

My Wise card was attacked over the weekend, with one successful small withdrawal listed as being to Uber in India, and multiple attempts to get more. Wise has now repaid the money taken (from an Uber account int he Netherlands) and said details passed to Visa fraud team.

However they have also cancelled my physical card and say it will take 10 days to get another one to me. Which wouldn’t be an issue except that I had put 250 swiss francs on my card as I am meeting my niece in Switzerland this weekend.

They suggest that I use the electronic version of the Wise card and add it to a Google pay wallet on my android phone.

I am crawling very slowly into the 21st century, but this makes me nervous. Should I just grow up and get on with it? Do you use Google Pay successfully?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I presume that you have a decent smart phone? if yes, then Google, or Apple, Pay is the most secure of anything!

The two luddite organisations that are not up to speed with Apple Pay are petrol outlets and, yes, Banks! Despite banks promoting Apple Pay, they still will not open up their ATMs outside the US to contactless pay.

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Decent? It has a fake leather cover over its delicate zones… :grin:

A Samsung Galaxy that is mature, but not geriatric.

What form of security does it have - finger print or bio metrics? Both are good and pretty well guarantees 99.millions of 9s% that your phone can not be opened if lost, so that your virtual card will be safe and in the cloud ready for your replacement phone.

One word of advice - if you have cards in your phone, enable shut down very quickly after you have finished AND hold it tightly, very tightly, if you are using it with people around. Huge business in grabbing phones from those whilst in use.

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My goodness, if that is you then I must be crawling into the 20th century (back from this one), because everything that was said after that point has gone right over my head. :worried:

Perhaps in a cloud. :thinking:

Hope it works out for you @JaneJones, the last thing you want before a trip is that kind of worry.

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I have used Google pay for a long time with Wise and Revolut without ever having any problems.


For online payments always use a virtual card - then if there are any issues you can easily cancel it without having to stop your physical card.


Well that was a learning experience! Now have fingerprint and other security on phone, plus a wallet with a lone card sitting in it.

I now need to go shopping and try out this new 21st century magic.


Well done :grinning:

You will feel very smug in the checkout line with all the old dears writing their cheques, and you just flash the phone for your store card to be scanned and then at the credit card thing! You will even get folk half your age asking how to do it :grinning:

In Wallet, you can now add store cards, other bank cards and the likes of theatre tickets bought online. Watch this space and your carte vitale can go there soon…



PayPal is so 1990s :wink:


Haven’t managed that nor Carte Vitale, though that’s meant to be on the may this year.

I’ ve managed the store cards, but can’t think of anything else!

How did you get the wallet to recognise them? When I tap “+” it just says “Debit or Credit Card” or “Travel Card” as an option. I’ve Googled how to do it but no joy. There are apps to just hold store cards, maybe that’s a bette option.

Treat the store card like a debit or credit card - wallet will recognise them and insert them below actual credit cards.

Just tried that (again) the choice is credit/Debit card with usual format face with number etc. or travel card.

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This is what I see

Is this the difference between android and apple versions you are experiencing?

Yes, I think do.

John, I think you are on Apple. You click the + and have two choices, debit/credit card or travel card, yes?

Go further, tap debit/credit card and you get some waffle, yes? Hit ‘continue’ and you now have a window in which to photograph the card. Put your store card in the window, photograph it and it should appear in the wallet…

Android are far ahead of Apple in user friendliness. They put more effort into things imo (eg, see Jane’s screen). When a new Samsung is released, there are lots of goodies, Apple just make the same phone as before but in titanium and ram it down our throats :rofl:

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That’s not to photograph the card Adam, it’s to scan the number and other details and then contact the card issuer. When it’s done that successfully, it loads the card into the wallet. The other categories, airline tickets, health insurance cards are loaded by an app or a link in an email or SMS. Maisons du Monde for example recently sent me a link. I guess other loyalty cards will catch up eventually.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on the relative merits of IOS and Android :slightly_smiling_face: