Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Artwork - Suzy Davis

Merry Christmas everyone, I'm almost ready - presents under the tree (including 2 I bought off SFN classifieds - thanks SFN) and my Secret Santa present :)

Looking forward to tomorrow - have a great one everyone - all the very best xx

My best wishes to everyone for a happy christmas and a wonderful new year.Thanks very much for all the comments about the card,glad it was a success.

Very Merry Christmas to all of you.......... especially James and Catherine for all there hard work....

Our Daughter son in Law and Niece are here celebrating with us, and spending time with very good friends!! x

A merry end of the world/christmas/ new year to all SFNers, with of course a major shout out to our master and mistress of ceremonies J & C.

Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year to everybody from the Monts d'Arree in Finistere, land of heather, winter mists, wind. Let's hope that M Hollande doesn't have another go at everybody next year. I've spent the last two Christmases in bed so things are looking a bit more positive this year. Off to the scholo "spectacle" this evening to watch the children is some sort of presentation on the theme of "Red Indians" which in the UK would be "Native Americans". Nothing to do with Christmas but anything remotely religious is banned! Been to the Angl French carol Service already though. We're having a quiet but nevertheless lovely Christmas far from our very spread out family in the UK, Turkey, Canada, USA and the Philippines, and good friends in New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Israel.

happy christmas and new year to you both, and all on SFN

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, successful and healthy New Year. It will be our first Christmas in France and, despite the turkeys here being the size of fat chickens, we're really looking forward to it. I hope you and your families have a wonderful time.

p.s. the end of the world was postponed because The Mother arrives at Limoges at 2pm and we couldn't have her flight being delayed by some silly apocalypse so it may start when she sees the state of the house and garden. Ho hum, I'll need a bottle of rum.

Nice Card!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and Health and Happiness for the New Year!

Great card, Merry Christmas to all on SFN and thanks to James & Catherine for the great site. We are all suffering the French mother in law this Xmas (even my husband and it is his mother!!). I will just drink my way through all the criticism!!

What a wonderful card! The artist is very talented.

We're spending Christmas with just-us-two here in France -- lots of good food and wine and then a LONG afternoon walk. And then we're spending Boxing Day with friends who live a half an hour from us.

Hope everyone on SFN has a lovely and safe holiday season!

By the way, love the card, very apt! xxx

Christmas in UK this year:( Christmas Eve with one son and family, Boxing Day with another son and family and then all 3 boys and their families on the 30th at ours! Daughter to be visited this year on the 22nd, as she's working over Christmas, so Christmas Day we'll be alone with Jessie the dog. Lunch is Very Berry Birhiani at our favourite Indian restaurant! The best thing about that is no guilt because I haven't got to prepare, cook, clear up or even offer to with a bonus of being able to have a drink as it's within walking distance! Finally, a soiree inbetween with our friends as this will be (hopefully) the last Christmas in our house here in the UK........

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Great card! & thanks for your kind wishes. My OH is working on christmas day but we are spending Christmas Eve with a english/french friend locally.I am bringing the mince pies!

We’re off to Yorkshire to spend Xmas with our 2 daughters and 5 grandkids. Car is gonna be stuffed to the gunnals with stuff…prezzies, food and drink. Then, on 1st of Jan, as usual, off to Mauritius till March! You don’t need to ask which part of this is gonna be the hardest, but looking forward to it all. ( going to a “Rock and Roll Cinderells” at Leeds’s famous City Varieties on the 27th’ all 9 of us).

Alone again...in France...just my Beloved and me...and our trois chats perdu...I used to love Christmas when my children were young...but now like my Beloved I've become ...'bah humbug'.

I have to admit I'd really be happier doing volunteer work on Christmas day.

However I wish you ALL a wonderful Christmas...and Peaceful ...healthy...2013.


Happy Christmas to all.

We’re going to lunch with my stepson’s girlfriend’s Gran. I’m still working the relationship out as well

Our daughter,son-in-law and grandson who live in Munich are staying for Christmas and the New Year. It is her birthday on New Year’s Day. We will be seeing friends and neighbours and sky ping our other daughter and her family in UK.
Happy Christmas to everyone and their families.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to James and Catherine and everybody on the SFN.

I will be cooking a lovely Vegetatrian Christmas diner after a very lazy day of not doing much apart from a long walk with the dogs. Oh and we might have a game of footy in the park with the other Brits in the village!!

wishing you all avery happy christmas