Women in Business in France

Hi there, I am the founder of MumAbroad.com and we are currently looking for female entrepreneurs in the regions of Paris, Lyon, Montpelier, Rennes, Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse and Strasbourg to list their businesses. There is no cost for this - we are just creating an interactive platform for women to advertise their businesses and grow the website. Anyone in these areas interested in this opportunity, please email me carrie@mumabroad.com. Thanks, Carrie.

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Sounds a bit sexist!

Men do it all the time, it’s called networking.


From the other direction - would it be acceptable to list something only for Male Entrepreneurs?

Are you aware of networking events that exclude females?

Just being devil’s advocate.


Catholic priests … :zipper_mouth_face:


Excellent response! :joy:

But I could suggests Catholic Nuns in reply!

And to be clear, I only allowed me this comment because I’m a “born” catholic. In fact I should have said the Vatican, prosperous company :zipper_mouth_face: I don’t think the Nuns have got a lot of a say, sadly.


I am sure that should a man want to be included that wouldn’t be a problem.
Women need extra help due to the fact that they have been kept out of managerial positions and funding for a long time.
Self help is always the best.

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There are plenty of places where women are well represented in managerial positions. In my profession my line managers were often women right up to and including the Secretary of State.

It’s funny when something exclusively for women crops up it is always men that raise an issue, yet men had their clubs, the old boy rugger bugger networks for years


Something to do with the definition of equality.

That’s my point ,men had their networks for many years. We now quite rightly have equality but a lot of women do not have the 'history ’ behind them for support yet when they try to do something to help the situation and support themselves they receive criticism

Quite right Nellie.
Gentlemens’ Clubs, old school networks, trade unions etc. all provided networking for men.
The Civil Service had gender equality long before commerce which is why these women are trying to do something to catch up with their fonctionnaire equivalents.


Bloody hell, you’ll be wanting to vote next…:joy::joy:


Yes, and to have our own bank account, being able to divorce, doing politic … :wink: Jocking appart, that was not so long ago, need a while for mentality to evolve. We are still paid less than men.


All this talk of networks and clubs! Not least when there is an adorable dog thread to keep you ladies entertained; Adorable dog video

If that’s not enough here is a kitten pic for you aswell :smile: :innocent:


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Hi there, @Carrie_Frais , on a serious note mumabroad as a web name might alienate women who don’t have children? I get mumsnet but if you are targeting female entrepreneurs maybe consider removing the mum bit? Just a thought.

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@anon7138442 I am sorry this post has offended so many men! We started MumAbroad 12 years ago so, even though I appreciate that it does alienate half the population, we can`t now change the name. We promote a lot of men in our other sections, we just have always had the business section dedicated to female entrepreneurs, after a lot of women wanted to get back to work after having kids.

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Hi @Carrie_Frais - I am quite comfortable with your website and it being mostly for women. I was simply saying that by calling it mumabroad you risk alienating the many women without children whilst diluting its raison d’etre - that was all.:+1: Though once the ball starts moving this might not matter so much.

@anon7138442 yes I know but we changed from Mums in Business to Women in Business so as not to do that!

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