World-wide, multi-trip travel insurance

The company we have used for world-wide multi-trip travel insurance for the past five years will no longer accept us because I have just turned 70. Most of the companies advertising online insurance are only for UK citizens. Can anyone suggest insurance companies who will accept French residents, aged 70 or over?

Found another one. Not actually done it, but worth a try

sheepshag sorry

Excellent, I've found a new career. Micro or Autoentrepeneur do you think? Anyone wanting to send me the money is welcome. And it's the other way round, although I may have to wait a couple of years

Blimey Steve! That sounds almost as good as your previous offer to take me out for dinner as you are so convinced that we will be changing the name of this network.


Final offer

You send me the money, password desired and everything, and I'll open the account for you.

just as I thought.

have a nice day



pizza and t-shirt was meant to convey, been there done that

The others are serious suggestions, with real evidence. Who knows, maybe you would be wasting your time, I think not, maybe you knew of them already, I'm trying to be helpful fercrissake! Would you like me open an account before you do, just to be sure?

Over and out

but would it be too impolite to ask which one of those you actually have succesfully opened an account with whilst declaring your french address. Or must I read between the lines and draw my own conclusion?



Clydesdale pizza, t-shirt etc

Chorley and Cyprus both suggest you might want an R105, and both have a place for Country in the forms, and both say by phone it's ok

HSBC - Not certain, but they keep asking me if I want to open accounts anywhere else?

Yes please it would be very useful to know.

well please accepy my appologies - and tell me which of those uk banks allowed you to open an account using a French postal address - and I look forward to doing the same.

thanks in advance


Well au contraire mon vieux.

after recently investigating opening a uk bank account - and after many people telling me of certain banks that will allow this - none of them in fact would allow it. When quizzed, all of the people who suggested particular banks had not actually done it themselves.

With the greatest respect Steve, I will go out on a limb and suggest that you have not actually opened an account with one of these uk banks yourself - without missleading them about your country of residence ?



Another recent thread on the site discovered
for EU residents 64-79, so that's got you covered for another 10 years.

Their medical conditions thing is a bit odd, so I emailed them with my details and got a reply same day which was to the point (!) and acceptable, but I think you might need to do the same if you are on any medication.

and James says if you quote ref SFN12 you get something off

Happy Trails

One can open an a/c with

Bank of Cyprus (who are UK FSCS thingy protected despite the name)
Chorley BS
Clydesdale and I think Yorkshire (same Australian parent)
HSBC I think if you have a French a/c with them as well


what I said when I made my original comment is that one cannot open a uk bank account with a french address. Yes, I agree one can maintain an existing account.


It’s a statement! We informed them of our French address and they accepted it.

Bruce - is that a statement or a question? If N/wide have changed their tune that would be of serious interest to me.

Nationwide accepted our French address?