Worst crime against fashion

According to Inès de la Fressange in The Telegraph today, the worst crime against fashion is the plastic bra strap.

"'People walk around pretending they aren't wearing a bra and you can see their ugly transparent straps. They think no one will notice but it's ridiculous', she enthuses."

Not sure I agree with that, but anyway, what is your worst crime against fashion?
I've been trying to think what mine is, and I think it's the 'mutton dressed as lamb' look, in men and women. Loads of it down here in the south especially in the beach bars at night.

How about fat women who wear those terrible leggings ? do they really think they look good in them ?
I was in a local supermarket yesterday, the woman in front of me was short and quite enormous - yes - you’ve guessed - she was clad in leggings and a sparkly sleeveless top. It quite put me off my lunch !

I soooo agree on the guys trousers! How do they manage to walk without them falling down, and while we are at it what’s with wearing designer “rips”? I just don’t get that. If my jeans are full of holes it’s time to buy a new pair.

The other thing France is catching on too very late are Crocs. They are now “out” in the UK, but I noticed our centre commercial is only just openng a crocs store… maybe my friends will stop thinking I mad with my bright coloured feet now.

Felt a compulsion to join in with this debate. I agree with most of whats been said before, but for me the young male species are the most guilty. Maybe I’m just getting too old, but I can’t stand seeing the young lads wearing their trousers below their backsides and showing their underpants, its the silliest thing I’ve ever seen, I want to either pull them up properly or yank them down. Can’t even be comfortable to wear.

On the subject of UGGS, I’ve been wearing mine in France for several years and getting alot of strange looks from the French, I think they thought they were slippers. This winter they became very fashionable, its shows how behind France is in the fashion stakes.

According to the village I live in, I am the worst crime against fashion on the basis that from November to March I only wear UGGS on my feet. Yes, I know that my elegant friends look smarter but I get REALLY cold.
Anyway, victory will be mine…this year four people asked me to pick them up pairs when I next decide to stock up on my furry faves

I call those baggy saggy bottoms. Not a good look even on the best figure of a woman!


or Jeggings

fashion is an art! Don’t trash it! And plastic bra straps that have gone yellow because you can’t wash them properly are not very ‘glamour’

fashion is an art! Don’t trash it! And plastic bra straps that have gone yellow because you can’t wash them properly are not very ‘glamour’

John - France dominates Fashion and it has been a huge industry and part of the French culture since the seventeeth century, modern haute couture originated in Paris in 1860 and along with NY, London & Milan, Paris IS a fashion capital and is home to many of the best designers in the world. So hence, Fashion is part of the fabric of France and relevant to a French discussion. The interesting thing about Fashion is it is forever changing, trends come and go. Depending on your view on Fashion whether it interests you or not will affect whether you are interested in the thread or not I guess.

Personally, I like to follow Fashion but I’m not a Fashionable person. I have opinions on the latest Fashion (as I’m sure do most people) we can laugh about it, love it, despise it and talk about it. That’s what the designers want…to be talked about. That’s what a lot of people who wear Fashion want…to be talked about. For the rest of us, we wear what we like, probably from the period of our lives where we spent the most on clothes (for me my 20’s) so depending on your age depends on what you are wearing. I can’t wear the latest 70’s stuff as it reminds me of my mum & dad in their youth…80’s my mum & dad during my youth. I love 50’s & 60’s and clothes from the noughties is what I wear - fashionable or not!

wait 2 years and they’ll be in fashion again - 70’s is all the mode at the moment. Neon catsuit anyone?

Haha of course!

Sarah I never disputed that it happens, it just makes me sad that it can have influence. But then i look at the richard bransons of this world and realise what tosh it is to follow what a self proclaimed fashion guru thinks. He seems to have done rather well with elbow patches and xmas jumpers.

Come on, John, it happens all the time, dress as factor of social recognition. Do you not remember the Sloane Ranger days?

The French in certain circles are obsessed with style - the right style, natch, as epitomised by Inès de la F, but it filters down too.

Bit of fun i totally accept and agree with, but surely if a french person or any other nationality for that matter can despise you or exculde you because of what you wear why on earth would you want anything to do with them? They should be despised and excluded just for having that thought. These people need to learn that water supply in third world countries is important and probably what matters not todays fickle fashion fad.

To answer you, John, actually this subject does relate to surviving France, especially if you are a woman, because if you’re wearing the wrong thing, you can be despised by certain French people and not realise it.

Inès de la Fressange is an icon of French style and she’s absolutely the first to tell us where we’re going wrong and how to get it right. If you want to get on in certain (posh) circles (not the ones in the beach bars in Carnon), you’d better pay attention and get it right. Otherwise you are excluded, and if you’re trying to do business with them (as an estate agent, for example), it could be painful. :slight_smile:

Other than that, it’s just a bit of fun.

Thanks for the correction Stephen so glad i can learn as you type. Chilled you be hard pressed to find someone more so but i do forget to put smiling faces at the end of sentences just like capital letters after full stops ):

sure i can Sarah, but then i dont care really, its just if someone likes wearing 1980’s jumpers or even dyed hair its up to them not us. I dont like either but wouldnt like to pass comment on someones taste.

Maybe you’d like to give us a list of what we can post about, John. Ta