Your film or TV series recomendations (2021 TV binge)

This is obviously a subjective topic but here is a recommendation for an excellent TV series from HBO called Succession - best these I’ve seen for quite some time!

And today I’m rewatching No Country for Old Men - also great!

What are your recommendations for the very best Films or TV series? Please add a YouTube trailer if you can find one - just paste the URL on a line of it’s own.

The West Wing. Absolutely brilliant / intelligent series (7 series) about American politics. You have to buy the DVDs but worth every penny. It’s been our salvation through these last months, I think this is the fourth time (at least) we have watched it. Sorkin’s storyline is rich and the actors playing the parts are all excellent. One of the best was John Spencer who played Leo. Always a brilliant foil to Martin Sheen. Watching it again, it’s tough knowing what’s coming. RIP John. This was your finest hour. IMHO there’s nothing that comes close


Code37 More4 on Friday evenings 10:00pm (CET) - magnificent series (Flemish) with English subtitles and a great underlying story thread.


Bosch (Amazon).


Game of Thrones

The Boys (Amazon)

That will do for now (****! 3-post limit)


TV series. Series seven coming up.

Surprisingly good…

Bit of fun…


We thought Knives Out was excellent - very tongue in cheek.

OK, so, still mostly Amazon stuff

Goliath - the 1st season is the best, after that it can get a bit surreal (though it remains watchable)

The Man in the High Castle

The Expanse

Jack Ryan

Good Omens (wish there were more of this, but limited source material)


We loved Handmaids Tale, definitely worth watching if you haven’t already. Very thought provoking and shocking / horrific in places, actually pretty much all the time.

Currently watching Harlots which is quite good. Lots of great UK actors / actresses (seem to be a good few out of Downton Abbey!!)

Really enjoyed Gentleman Jack (we think these may be made by the same company).

Recently finished watching a series based in NZ (with Jason Momoma - yum, yum, yum :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: ) but I’ve forgotten what it was called, I’ll ask dh when he comes in.


Finally (for now)

Lucifer (Amazon for Series 1-3, then moved to Netflix).

Le Bureau des légendes

I confess I tried to watch this in French with either French or English subtitles but it was hard work and I wilted a bit after a series and a half. I need to pick it up again and have another go.

The Night Manager

Definitely looking forward to the 2nd series

Other stuff, maybe not so good:

Black Sails.
Possibly there is a good series here but ultimately I got put off the first two or so episodes by the sheer amount of sex and nudity. Now I’m no prude - far from it - and had no difficulty with the adult material in, say, GoT but here it seemed to have little to do with the plot and just became a distraction. I think they toned it down in later seasons (there are 4) but I’d already given up

American Gods
Actually the 1st season was OK, a bit weird but OK. However didn’t get beyond the 1st episode of the 2nd series. Ian McShane is, of course, magnificent.

A series I wanted to be good but didn’t get past the 1st episode (though learnt some entertaining new French phrases). I should give it another go. Depardieu does look particularly enormous and unwell in this though.

Tales from the Loop
Gave it a few episodes but found it all a bit too strange (and repetitive).

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
Better than “Tales from the Loop” but very variable from episode to episodes (it is a series of unconnected stories). The best are good, the worst…not.

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Judge John Deed 2001 - 2007.
Martin Shaw, Jenny Seagrove et al… wonderful stuff.

Many (if not all) episodes are available on youtube etc but we have the dvd’s now and they get watched every Winter… (can’t rely on our internet etc)

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On your earlier recommendation we bought the blu ray box set and as you say, after series 1 it had been toned down to provide some good viewing although the story line diminished towards the end of the last series as if the writers had gone “off the boil”.


and Martin Shaw again… George Gently 2007 - 2017

again, available all over the web, but we have the dvd’s… yippee.

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Ozark - on Netflix.
started only recently to watch it. Dark, violent in parts but addictive watching.


A friend here was raving about Hunger Games, which I understand is quite “old” now…as is GoT (for me at least…never having seen it.)
I watched a bit of HG on Youtube, & …nope, not a fucking clue what that’s about.
For the rest, the only one I really recognize of the above posts in G. Gently, which I liked…when I still had UK telly, that is.

We missed this first time round but watched the repeat of series 1 recently. Gripping tale. Have now ordered series 2 on DVD…


Same - we are now midway through season 3 having rewatched season 1 on BBC recently - it is fantastic having a poor memory as I have no idea who are the “baddies” or why - despite having previously watched it!

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Yes, that’s the real advantage of a poor memory. You just need one boxset.


Favourite film
Point of No Return / The Assassin

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The West Wing one of the best series EVER! I would binge watch it until the early hours even on a work night I think I was actually addicted to it. Designated Survivor wasn’t nearly as good although it was worth a watch.