Your interior design

Several of you have viewied my property on line and do not like my taste in decor.
It would be interesting to look at some of your properties and see your flair for interior design.

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Well you don’t like mine either!

Most gites in France are similar in style.
Mine is not a carbon copy and I am pleased,
To say what some of you said was rude and unjustified.

Surely this is not a competition - “mine’s better than yours” or “I’ve more flair than you have”? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: This sounds far too much like the school playground.

There are times when it’s great to get ideas from others on this forum because there are some very creative people here - that is a very different take on this subject.

What is one person’s idea of “interior design” may well not be another’s - yet each is equally valid.

There are times when I would love to have someone come and suggest ways we can improve the look / layout of our house. The cottage/gite, on the other hand I have a very clear sense of what I am seeking to achieve and whilst I’m not entirely there yet (the metal wine rack for instance!) and money is now too tight to mention, I do know with certainty that our guests love what we have achieved. So I do not need comment (positive or negative) here.


Ah so why did I get such rude remarks about my property?
Little bit of schoolyard sniggering is it.
Not a competition at all but my property is a reflection of my personality

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I realky can’t remember anything other that a slightly tongue in cheek comment by someone else. That wasn’t rude as such, but fairly normal reaction.

You know what your clients like, and i know my market. I don’t think that something to be sensitive about. Didn’t worry me that you said my photos were rubbish.


How did I miss that? Anybody got a link? I won’t be bragging about my decor, the original small house had 3 rooms and we brought a giant pale of that bland light yellowish paint with us (someone will jog my memory as to the name no doubt) and dabbed the whole house with it. One bedroom still has that but the other 2 rooms were repainted white by one of the builders we had in 7 years ago.

The extension, which doubled the size, has very nicely papered different walls and ceilings since 2000 and I have no intention of changing it. :joy:

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I said that your pictures were not so good…did not use the word rubbish. But some posters were rude about my pics…have a look back and see.

I can’t find the thread now but someone suggested that a circular bed (and the general ambience, I think) made the gite look like a set for a pornographic film.

Oh - magnolia?


You trying to pick a fight, Ollie?


I think that was @vero , but it was very tongue in cheek.


Indeed it was, but whoever said it had a point!

Actually no I am not.
Trying to have conversations with you but never mind I will live with out SF just not welcome.

Heaven’s above, let’s not have riots here too!! I”m going to go and bake cakes instead.


Barbara, fret not! Sometimes the conversation on here can get “robust” - there is rarely rudeness or malice, There may, however, be humour (not always understood), surprise and an alternative point of view that does not agree with yours.
You, yourself say you are doing something different. So, of course, there are going to be those who find your “difference” unsettling.
Have faith in your own view of the world - you do not need other people ( on here or anywhere else) to agree or like what you are doing. It’s what YOU like - no more, no less.


Blanc Casse in french?

@_Brian @KarenLot & @Corona, thank you - Magnolia, that’s the stuff, lasts well I gotta say.

The wallpaper btw was our choice from a large range the construction company offered us, and we still love it. The original and the extension are modular and having had warm winters and cool summers for over 20 years I wouldn’t have anything else. Can’t remember if the panels arrived with the paper already stuck on though, but then I was away most of most weeks driving my lorry. :wink:

'fraid a round bed would not fit in any room here though, but sounds like a good idea being able to sleep anyway round that you like. :thinking:

David, if you don’t have the space, get one of these :wink::yum:


So first you spill your drink, then you get dizzy and throw-up on the sheets, before breaking a leg while trying to get off the bloody thing!