Your interior design

And the pillows… bound to end up on the floor, tripping you up, breaking the other leg or spraining a wrist!

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I would be ok, I have age on my side :yum::wink::grin:

Could you post a link? I’m always on the lookout for ideas, and wouldn’t be rude.

Can you make it go realllly fast?!? Please!


If you’re talking of magnolia, blanc cassé coquille d’oeuf
Blanc cassé is more generic, blanc cassé gris / vert etc

as the Bishop said to the actress.


More the actress to the Bishop I’m betting



@Susannah I wrote that first and then thought it might be deemed smutty sniggering.


I remember running out of UK Mag so bought blanc casse could have been coquille d’oeuf.
It was a good match so apart from laughing it was showing just the same. That said even mag has either a yellow or pink hue depending on manufacturer despite having a bs or ral code.

Here’s the thread.

Edit: found the photos… Maison Des Saveurs, Dordogne | Oliver's Travels

Thanks, @Gareth

I don’t think I’d have spotted the circular bed.

But even without being third most important person in the matrimonial bed, I think I’d still fall out of one of them.

I’m surprised it attracted criticism.

Didn’t want you or others having a nasty surprise

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Nooooo! An actress between scenes in a hurry. Bishops not so much.

I have just had a look at the aforementioned gîte and I think it looks rather lovely. Certainly clean and well kept.

I had to look carefully to note the round bed but that doesn’t look the least hookerville, to my eyes. More holiday fun for the younger at heart. And perhaps those with younger hearts.

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I think it looks great Barbara

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I must admit, as someone who spends a bit of time perusing various gite booking sites of all kinds I must say that, similar to estate agents in this country, the standard of photography is generally very low. I imagine @_Brian would have enough work with his photography/ video services until he’s at least 270 years old with how poor most of them seem to be, I’ve seen photos in partial darkness with curtains closed, sinks full of dishes, photos so blurred I can only imagine the person taking it was Oliver Reed level drunk, photos with people awkwardly standing /sitting in the background, bins overflowing… and all this is on sites advertising the properties for rent for holidays! The US, and in turn the UK, seems to have learnt that even with how incredible modern phone cameras are, unless you’re on a par with David Bailey the default should probably be to get a professional in to do what they do and give you the best photos possible, but that doesn’t seem to have translated to France yet…


I think you’re being overly generous towards estate agents. I’ve been spending A LOT of time on Se Loger, Bien Ici, Le Boncoin, etc… and it drives me crazy how bad the photos are.

I’ve also been watching YouTube videos of properties for sale in France. Apart from Leggett, the others are, without exception, so amateurishly made it makes me wonder how these people can earn a living. Have they no pride in their work? I have previously suggested via the comments how they could improve the quality of their videos (using a gimbal, not pointing at the floor, not just doing a walk-through of the property in 1 take, etc…) but got some shitty responses so now I don’t even bother.


Wow, you must have very big LPs. that’s the biggest turntable I’ve ever seen.

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Would that we could, but not with our margins!
And if we get the bookings we want with what we have were’s the incentive?

The ones with wonderful photos are often not the busiest ones.

I always think it’s a good name for solicitors, as in Private Eye’s Sue, Grabbit and Runne.


Thanks to you and @Porridge my vidéo editing skills have gone from 0 to my basic needs. I’m pretty sure estate agents could do a sweep of the place on a smart phone on a floating gimbal. Best do the washing up and make the beds first though.