Your photos - rural life

Good afternoon everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather.

I have been watching our next door neighbour making his hay rolls this afternoon and it gave me the inspiration for our latest photo collection. Here he is making the winter hay for his small dairy herd. This was taken from my kitchen window.

I believe most of us live in or near the countryside so lets have some photos of rural life where you are.

Ha ha… looking for my haymaking photos, and I found balloons instead…

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Round here rural life is all about Montbéliard cows as we’re in Comté county…



Thanks Jane. Any idea why some of them have garish plastic rings through their noses?

Have you ever been up in a balloon Stella? I would love to. One day eh? It’s on my list.

Donkeys know no barriers… or so it seems in our village…:upside_down_face:



Oh lovely Stella.

My neighbour with her family in the late 1950s. About 2km from where we live now.



Hi Mandy… we three Woods went on holiday together … to Egypt…many years ago. Daughter wanted to go up in a balloon (but not alone) and persuaded me to go with her… OH stayed with feet firmly on the ground.

I was a little nervous, as the whole basket thingy seemed a little flimsy to me (not solid like the Eiffel Tower :upside_down_face: )…but I have to admit it that once we were up in the sky… (and I’d stopped holding my breath) … it was a wonderful experience. :hugs::grinning::sunglasses:

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Fabulous photos David, thank you.

Glorious photos David… :relaxed:

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My other neighbours.


So adorable.

Sheep shearing just down from our house…


Oh sheep! :sheep::sheep: Don’t see them here much.

Is that one getting a manicure?! :wink:

It’s good living next to a stud farm.

My neighbour is the girl with her arms folded in the tractor photo and the one in the background here.


Yes, they each have their coat gently removed, then they enjoy the rest of the beauty treatment… no nail varnish though… only some turquoise antiseptic as and when needed…

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Ah, a proper farming family then. Do those buildings still exist? Does it still look the same?

Yes, very little has changed. Our hamlet still has the same buildings with the same footprints as on the Napolionic cadastral plans.

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