Your photos - rural life

(Elisabeth Morgan) #41

Wouldn’t like to meet him in front of me on the road !

(Mandy Davies) #42

I passed one of those the other day. They are enormous and need a vehicle driving in front of them with flashing lights.

What are they called in French Babeth?

(Elisabeth Morgan) #43

Moissonneuse Batteuse Mandy, they came last night to knock at the door to ask to shift our cars !

(Elisabeth Morgan) #44

Here is a watermill where we live. They make it work every sunday afternoon during the summer. Its last miller died in 1974.

(Bill Morgan) #45

The area is famous for its old mills, water and wind, maintained by a voluntary ‘Association’, worth a visit if in the area, ‘St Jacut les Pins’ 56220 :slightly_smiling_face:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #46

It seems they are trying to diversify the agriculture around here. A novelty this year.

(Mandy Davies) #47

What a lovely crop. Have you got any going spare?! :dizzy_face:

(Bill Morgan) #48

Heaps of it, at least one whole field near us, here in ‘Happy Hippy Hollow’ :rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #49

Really?! Blimey! Who’s the “farmer”?

(Bill Morgan) #50

Oh I wouldn’t dare, could provoke ‘A Hit’ :roll_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #51

Before any smart a’, chap suggests it, no we don’t partake ourselves, well not for many years myself :slightly_smiling_face:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #52

I thought it was different from Maïs ! Wonder if it’s for cow feeding ? :thinking:

(Mandy Davies) #53


(stella wood) #54

So perhaps that is what these cows had been eating over the winter… :hugs:

(Bill Morgan) #55

Well summats cheered the lasses up :thinking:

(Mandy Davies) #56

They’re a bit lively if they’ve been eating that stuff! I would imagine them to be a bit more mellow. :woozy_face: They do seem to have the munchies though :wink:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #57

Next thing will be a rave party in the field next door !

(David Martin) #58

(Elisabeth Morgan) #59

This field is for food !

(Helen Wright) #60

Cannabis sativa more commonly known as hemp…initiatives in the U.K. too…x :slight_smile: