Your photos - the view from your house

Morning all :wave:

This is the third installment of the “Your photos” series and today’s theme is inspired by a recent dramatic change in the view from our living room window. The first photo is before and the second is after. Although I was really sad to lose the trees (they were diseased) it has certainly given us a better view of the mountain.

Would love to see some photos of the view from your house whether that is countryside, village or town.

Have a great day everyone :smiley:


sad to lose the trees, as you say… but now you have a lovely view of the distant (not so distant) hills…

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That’s La Montagne Noire. Very beautiful mountain range.

Always sad to loose trees…

This is our pond at the bottom of of the garden, and our neighbours…



Lovely Jane. Must be so good to have water that close. I would love to live closer to water.

Two views from bedroom windows: one looking east towards town centre and church other looking north over our garden, across the D911 to the coast.The church looks a long way off, it’s a mere 500 metres distant.




I’m just wondering it someone could plant an evergreen clematis at the base of that telegraph pole… it would soon soften it into a thing of beauty…

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looking west and looking north :blush:


Looking east on a frosty morning.





It’s an imaginative idea, Stella. The commune looks after the triangular massif it stands on, and do a very artistic job of it too. The triangular plot was originally part of the footprint of our property, but had to be modified when motorised traffic started. We got a free parking plot out of its acquisition by the commune, which we have to tend, clear it of weeds etc. although it is not on our cadastral plan.

À climbing creeper might present a problem for EDF who have to maintain the supply of current to adjacent proprties, so I think they might object to it being clothed in greenery that might entangle their operatives :unamused::scream::upside_down_face:

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Hi Peter… I was actually thinking of Mandy’s Pole… :wink: but any pole in a storm… :thinking:

I have seen poles that have been partially clothed in greenery. It can be very effective/attractive, so long as it does not climb high enough to interfere with cables. I fear your pole is a little more complicated than Mandy’s in that you have cables coming at ground level and probably greenery would not work well… Mandy’s pole, on the other hand… is just passing them overhead.

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:+1: You are indeed a woman of many talents, Stella. :relaxed:

evening view of the village church, listed a

nd 14thC I think


Mmm it’s not pretty is it. But no thought was given to aesthetics when this part of the village was built. It was about providing low-cost functional housing. The current landlord still seems to believe this. Outside is poorly maintained and ugly. I guess that’s HLM for you :slightly_frowning_face::-1:

Beautiful Vero. Thanks.

Lovely Paul. Looks like you’ve got some nesting birds in those tress. Do you know what they are?

Sadly not bird’s nests but misletoe - as with a lot of France there’s loads of it around here and the apple trees are full of it.

We do get a good few birds though.

Very lovely David. Thanks.

Véronique, what is the cause of that huge cloud pile-up on the horizon, do you know? Is it over the ocean, or a mountain?