Your photos - watery scenes

(Mandy Davies) #1

Hello everyone

I think it’s time to continue with our regular themed photo post. With all this wet weather I thought it would be appropriate to share some photos of rivers, lakes, seas, oceans etc.

I will start us off with a photo of the lake in my village, imaginatively named Lac d’Albine.

(anon88888878) #2

Just a little one - Carla Bayle - just up the road…

(anon54681821) #3

Waiting for it to fill up for a swim

(anon54681821) #4

I like dinos in my bath

(Mandy Davies) #5

Beautiful Simon.

(Jane Jones) #6

Lac de Narlay, with resident.

(Bill Morgan) #7

Stagnant water, colourful

(Bill Morgan) #8

The Port, at Redon

(Ann Coe) #9

My étang …

(Ann Coe) #10

Morbihan …

(Mandy Davies) #11

Lovely photo Jane.

(Mandy Davies) #12

Wow Bill, that’s a bit special.

(Mandy Davies) #13

How lovely Ann. That’s on your property?

(Mandy Davies) #14

Never been to Bretagne but it looks a lot like Cornwall to me. How beautiful. Must visit one day.

(Bill Morgan) #15

Babeth is the photographer:slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill Morgan) #16

Thats why we like our 56 Ann :+1:

(Ann Coe) #17

Yes Mandy, I am looking at it now through the rain ! :wink:

(Ann Coe) #18

I have been there a couple of times on holiday with my mum. Have to say it’s beautiful but apart from an odd day of sun here and there we had lots of rain and wind! Didn’t need to push mum’s wheelchair, just let the wind take it :joy:

(stella wood) #19

how lovely to have your own etang… any fish ??

(anon54681821) #20

we have one too but its far from the house and one of the things I have not cleared as yet