Your photos - wintry scenes

Hello everyone

I really enjoyed a recent post on here where members were sharing some beautiful photos. So, I thought we might like to make it a regular thing. I will make a suggestion for a theme and then start off with a photo of my own. Please then share your own photos. They can be taken anywhere you want, of course, but it would be nice to see photos taken in France.

This week, bearing in mind the current weather, I thought it might be nice to see some wintery scenes.

Here’s mine. This was taken in 2010, probably our snowiest winter yet, and shows the back garden of our last house in St Amans Soult in the Tarn.

Enjoy :smile:


A wonderful idea Mandy and a fabulous picture from you to kick it off - Thank you. My contribution is of our local park which became a lake when the adjacent river Garonne flooded during the heavy rainfall in January.



That’s beautiful. Incredible colours. I love it. :heart_eyes:

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More snow…IMG_2701


Snowy view out-back… :relaxed:


That’s lovely Jane. Great sky.

Gorgeous Stella. You have an amazing outlook.

We are a bit above… so we look over the valley below… and across to the hills beyond, with their woods and fields.

We enjoy glorious sunsets… fantastic colours in the sky as the sun slips behind the horizon.

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Yet more snow …


I love snow on trees - looks like Narnia :grinning:
Beautiful blue sky as well, lovely photo Ann.

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Brilliant idea Mandy and some lovely photos.

Isn’t it great to have a post where no one is sniping or looking for hidden meanings :hugs:


My thoughts exactly. I hope more people join in.


Thank you, it’s from when we were snowed in for 5 days in 2009 :snowflake::snowman::snowman_with_snow:

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It’s snowing here in Mortagne sur Gironde but I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine the scene. I’m not going out in that!


Not even to build a snowman Chris ? :joy:


You could just a photo out of one of your windows. I love pictures of falling snow. Or maybe even a short video.

That gives me an idea for a theme - the view from your kitchen window!!! Doesn’t matter what it is, it would be interesting to see what other people see when they’re doing the washing up :smile:

Fair enough. It’s not going to win any prizes…


My kitchen sink is against a wall without a window so all I see are tiles :laughing:

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That is awesome! Although you could have perhaps just opened the window for a few seconds to take the photo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think this may be my favourite one yet :smile:


Hahahahaha!! You get the idea though… :smile:

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