Your Top 3 - Things You Love About France?

I’ll start you off - in no particular order…:slight_smile:

  1. Space
  2. Family Values
  3. Non Materialistic
  1. Countryside
  2. peace & quiet
  3. actually feeling the seasons again…
  1. Fresh air
    2.Cheap great wine
    3 Open traffic free roads
  1. Family orientated events and activities
  2. The language (always loved the language)
  3. The freedom to simply ‘be’

Actually love hearing just birds and silence.
The slower pace of life and time to read books
Living at half the cost of Sydney


Sunday is Sunday.
The quiet in the countryside.
Our Breton neighbours.
There are a lot more but you asked for only three!


Beautiful night skies
Spring and Autumn
Stone buildings

  1. Lack of political correctness
  2. The way is is ALWAYS acceptable to crack open a bottle of champers
  3. The range of anti-wrinkle creams available in any French pharmacy.

The sun (at least in the south)
The four seasons which are totally different from each other and all beautiful
The pain au chocolat :innocent:

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  1. Lack of traffic
  2. Space
  3. Weather
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1 The French
2 Plat du Jour
3 Pace and space

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To late for the wrinkle cream Catherine!

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  1. Our wonderful neighbours who are taking care of our house, dog and chickens enabling us to have a real holiday in Spain with English friends.
  2. The wonderful countryside.
  3. The warm welcome we have received and being included in several “real” dinner party circles.
  1. The Birdlife - this summer we have had at least two pairs of Golden Oriole nesting at the bottom of the garden.
  2. The Birdlife - this long and hot summer (yes, that as well), our French neighbour couldn’t resist demonstrating the bikini she was nearly wearing.
  3. The Birdlife - where else in the world could you buy turkey, duck, goose and chicken at these prices - and find all the recipes to cook them with!
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Have you thought about the birdlife Perry?

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Yes, a lot! Before moving to France I lived in Sweden and was engaged in a number of bird projects (Red Kite counts, Eider counts along the Baltic coast, population counts for the Swedish Bird Atlas). Unfortunately where I live now the chasse is much more popular (and powerful) than the ornithologists!

I can’t narrow it down to three, but, at this moment in time, I am grateful to be far away from the morass caused by the referendum. I’m sick to death of hearing about it.

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Paris, the language(still don’t speak it, though), the country side, the wines, the metro…ok, that’s 5…:wink:

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  1. Wherever we go for a day visit or just a drive we always find something new
    and interesting …sometimes it is an interesting property, an animal engaged
    in an doing something silly.

  2. We are constantly meeting new people and reuniting with old aquiantances
    and it is great to socialise but so lovely to be at home with the cats and see
    them so happy with their lives.

  3. We have an excellent doctor and a good vet. So we are all taken care of.

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No neighbours
The seasons
Clean air