Zoe Ball radio 2

(Timothy Cole) #21

So because some of the BBC’s funding comes from tv licences presenters should not be paid the ‘going rate’?

Strange argument.

(Teresa Shipley) #22

Terry Wigan was so amusing and also had a lovely voice

(Nellie Moss ) #23

The day Terry died I was working on Critical Care , it was the talk of the unit from all ages so many generations he affected

(stella wood) #24

Like one of the family… almost…

Genial guy… sadly missed

(stella wood) #25

(Paul Flinders) #26

No, please, make it go away :scream:

(stella wood) #27

(not my own words, but certainly my thoughts)…

“In a notoriously shallow, fickle and false profession this gentleman was the EXACT opposite. Sir Terry was both a gentleman and a gentle man. A giant in the broadcasting business who will be very sadly missed. His gentle wit and charm were legendary and today just got a little bit emptier…”

(Richard Carpenter) #28

I was listening the day Terry started laughing with the other guys in the studio and couldn’t stop. The engineer had to cut to some trailers to give Terry time to recover. He was clearly struggling to keep it together when he came back on. Such a difference to the ego-centric presenters we have today.

I wonder if any of the Janet & John stories are available to listen to.

(stella wood) #29

Others are available… search Youtube…

(Richard Carpenter) #30

Thanks a bunch for the link Stella. I love to start the day with a laugh. :laughing::laughing::laughing: