Amazon buried discount pages

(James Higginson) #1

I've been working hard these last few days to find the best deals on Amazon, as it turns out there are a good few to be had if you dig deep enough. They have hundreds of pages of such heavily discounted items that they are practically giving the stuff away (hidden discount pages). Have a look for yourself using the links below, they will take you directly to the pages where I have found these items, as always you can get there using the AMAZON navigation menu at the top of the page too.

Many of these links are for Amazon UK but most of it can be shipped to France

Great deal examples (especially the Galaxy tablet)

12 iPhone 6 screen protectors reduced from £19.99 to 1 pence!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in the deep discount warehouse section at almost half price (I bought one of these myself, they are excellent)

Bahco 106 piece quarter and half inch drive socket set at 65% off (save 260 quid!)

Main discount categories below;

Hidden discount pages menu are where you will find items up to 99% off

Heavily discounted warehouse deals, this is usualyy re-boxed returns and unwanted items

Amazon Outlet more deals on overstocked items

Amazon Reconditioned is where you will find recon items, again at very competitive prices

Read our disclosure policy here, it explains why I have complied all of theses pages, basically because Amazon pay me a small percentage of what you spend using these links (at no cost to you).

(Brian Milne) #2

No problem, my daughter's friend lent her a Kindle a while ago, which is why she is buying now, and she had a choice of something ridiculous like 200,000 books in English of which many thousands are free. If you have a look at the technical spec then it shows at least six languages, but there are many more, perhaps pictographic languages like Japanese might not function - which I am not sure the average SFN member will really mind too much.

(Brian Milne) #3

Ali, we have it in the French basket, albeit provisionally. The consideration was that to save less than €20 because the UK number looks smaller was false economy if it cannot be used properly.

(Ali Baker) #4

Hi Brian maybe go to the basket and see if it will allow you to buy it as it won't let me purchase it and have delivered to a french address, so I think my only option is to go french and in euros. I hadn't realised that we were going to miss out on certain things - back to more research! Ta very much

(Brian Milne) #5

Ali, My daughter ordered here, well at least it is in her basket until tomorrow, the UK offer finishes tomorrow, some models are already out and also the software options and what you can do with them is not the same. Yes, you can have it delivered here but the downside is that you do not get all you would get if it was being used in the UK. So, it is a toss up whether or not, so we are holding fire (it is on my card!). She is thinking about €229 or £149 (I think that is right?) which is about €190 plus post and packing from the UK against free delivery here which would save her something like €19 and then those differences when using it.... It is a hard one for an 11 year old to work out but I reckon she'll go France tomorrow morning and hope there are still some available.

Do all of the sums first. Anyway simply log in to the two country Amazons respectively as we did and compare all details to see if you really do save that much. All that glistens and all that!

(Ali Baker) #6

Hi Can anybody tell me if it is possible to buy a Kindle fire HDX from and have it delivered to my address in France? It's a better deal but directs me to

(Celia Ford) #7

Thanks for these pages James, I'm very interested in the tablet, geek that I am, thinking it would be useful when I have to go for a hospital stay and surgery. I'm a Mac person but can't afford an ipad, do these tablets talk to Mac's? And do you know if there's a case / keyboard option as there is for the 10" version and the Note 8 ?

As an aside, I'm finding both Chrome and Paypal impossible to use today, anyone else finding that problem?

(Brian Milne) #8

I have e-mailed and spoken to Amazon and now I have had an email explaining to me there is a technical error on my account and that if it is not resolved in the next day or two I should contact them again. The bloke on the phone said that such glitches are sorted out in minutes. I explained that it is a last minute order for a present, express delivery for Monday for the birthday Tuesday. He suggested that if it is not resolved tomorrow then I call again on Tuesday! Doh! When Amazon screw up then they really do it thoroughly.

(Brian Milne) #9

Nope, used Chrome, Firefox, my Cambridge account and now Yahoo. Nada!

(James Higginson) #10

I've not had any trouble with Amazon this weekend Brian and the error you got doesn't help much but I would suggest trying again in a different browser. Fingers crossed!

(Brian Milne) #11

I have had items in my trolley for nigh on 48 hours but cannot get the order to go through. A message saying


Une erreur de système interne a été décelée. Nos équipes techniques se chargent de la résoudre. Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour la gêne causée.'

has been up since I tried to complete my order. I have left the SFN link with the order cancelled, started all over again from off the link, nothing, back to SFN and have been trying since. So, if people are having any kind of problem this weekend then Amazon are not functional and perhaps it will work tomorrow. If not then I shall be very miffed. I tried to order for a Monday delivery, now I might get Tuesday, if not then...

(James Higginson) #12

Mainly UK so far but if I find good stuff on Amazon France I link to that too :)

(James Higginson) #13

Yes Doreen it's meant to!

(James Higginson) #14

I have a prime subscription too Paul, lots of benefits.

(James Higginson) #15

Galaxy Tab 4 from the Uk from 99 quid (used, overstocked or returned)

(James Higginson) #16

I do, I was very impressed with it. It's just not the latest model, there is a Galaxy Tab 4 but it has a 7 inch screen and the Galaxy three is 8 which suited my purposes better (I bought is as a gift). I think it's a great value tablet at the moment.

We had a problem with a Cdiscount microwave a few years ago and they did not respond to our request for warranty repair. They are just box shifters, you can often get stuff cheap from them but you're on your own if you have a problem. Amazon returns can be dealt with online and they come and collect it too, very convenient, I have never had to send a faulty item back to Amazon so I can't comment on that but previous form would suggest it's equally good, to me at least.

(Paul Punchard) #17

Yes I must admit James Amazon has been brilliant for me as I have a one month trial with Amazon Prime. I ordered a chromecast key at 4pm last Thursday and it was here before 10am the following day !! I have no experience with the after sales service with Cdiscount though. I was thinking of getting an Ipad but the prices for the new Ipad air is prohibitive and then they don't have expandable memories. Do you think this Galaxy Tab 3 is is a good product then ? any cons to be aware of ?

(James Higginson) #18

Good price with Cdiscount too Paul, well found. Their after sales service is crap though!

(Paul Punchard) #19

Am I missing something here ? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8" that you mentioned at "almost half price" does seem like a bargain ..... until you look around and find it is cheaper on one of the other discount sites .|mp

(Carl Alban) #20

Do be careful though folks. It is easy to be bowled over by what looks like a big discount but some of the items carry massively inflated prices in the first place.

The example below is some digital calipers that would be worth £15 on a really good day but apparently have been reduced from a laughable £124.