ANTS login with France Connect

(Anthony Peverell) #1

Hello all! Thanks for allowing me to join the group! I need to Carte Grise my UK car and understand that I have to do this online through ANTS. It appears that the only way I can start a new application is to login (double security?) through France Connect. Problem is, I don’t have the tax number that they are asking for. Am I being daft? Is there another way?

Many thanks for your help!

(stella wood) #2

Hi Anthony

You will have a garage near you who can do this through their ANTS link. They make a small charge… and may (or may not) be au fait with UK cars… go and ask the question… if not them, they will probably know who can do it for you.

(stella wood) #3

You may find is useful/hilarious to go through the many Threads…

this is just one…

(Colin Smith) #4

I just thought I would post and say I share your pain with the ANTS website. I bought a second hand scooter (French) and have been trying to register it in my name, but the website takes you round in circles!

(stella wood) #5

Hi @Col_in

Colin … Welcome to the Forum…

Please will you amend you Registration to show Full Name… as per our T&C’s… if you are not sure how to do that… simply put your Full Name … on this thread… and I will amend it for you…

Hopefully, we can help you through the maze of ANTS…:zipper_mouth_face:


(Colin Smith) #6

Hi Stella
Do you mean I have to have my surname too? I like to keep a low internet profile you know!

(stella wood) #7

Hi Colin…

YES… exactly so… please add your Surname.

cheers :relaxed:

(Colin Smith) #8

ok. Just out of curiosity … how did AnonAnon8888888887 bypass the rules?

(stella wood) #9

Hi Colin…

When someone leaves the Forum… if they have a certain number of Posts, they cannot be removed entirely… so they become “anonymous”.

(Colin Smith) #10

Ah ok, you have a very hi-tech forum …
I wish you could be programmer for ANTS website, I think they need some upgrades :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #11

Colin… let’s have some more detail about the scooter and your situation.

Presumably you have a Carte Grise for the scooter and merely wish to change the name on it… as the New Owner… correct???

Are you a French Resident???

What paperwork did the Seller give to you ??

(Colin Smith) #12

Im camping in france for the summer, so dont have a permanent French address. Can I use my UK address for the Carte Gris, because this is just one of my issues?

(Mark Robbins) #13

Unsurprisingly, no you can’t put a UK address on a French carte grise

(stella wood) #14

If you are intending to use the scooter… you must have Insurance cover. I suggest you go to an Insurance Office and discuss the matter with them. Absolutely essential that you do NOT run the scooter without Insurance… and a Driving Licence (of course).

You have 1 month (I believe) in which to get the CG changed into your name … which you cannot do… so hopefully you will be back in the UK by then and can “import” the scooter and put it onto English plates… :relaxed:

By the way… what paperwork did the Seller give you ??