Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

what are you using as a damp course? I have some rolls of blue plastic sheeting with standup buttons all over it that I think is damp course material. Which layer is it used as?

I use two different types, Toolstation standard BS 6515 damp proof course and Permaseal3, is yours like a baseline 20 type.

Today’s cheerful news is that I was having a clearout of ancient packets of specialist teas brought over when my house was cleared, and I found the remains of a packet given me by my partner’s (now deceased) sister many years ago. Before binning it, I noticed where she got it - Le Palais des Thés. Found the website and it has just the assortment of teas that I’d been getting from a specialist tea supplier in the UK and had been completely unable to find here! I think I must be the worst user of internet search engines ever!

I am SO pleased and have just placed an order :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

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Le Palais des Thés is the go-to shop for my tea-drinking daughter, they have lovely tea

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Thanks for the endorsement Vero (and apologies if you had already suggested this on another thread when it came under discussion before - my brain is not what it once was…)

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Colin mine looks flimsier than that with much much flatter buttons that almost touch each otger about the diameter of a 50 centimes coin.

Do I chuck that onto the ground then the insulation then the flooring onto the frame above that?

…mine looks like the permaseal3 but with bigger buttons (though still not as raised as your picture). I think the plastic base might bea bit heavier too.

Something like this.

Exactly the picture I meant. Just mine has bigger buttons, slightly more raised and I think thicker plastic (blue) overall.

I’d put up a photo but the rolls are stored under some recovered other stuff. All going well I’ll be emptying the shed to start sorting out the floor next summer. Too much to do this year so it’s defo a next year job.

Permaseal make loads of types, the number going higher the thicker and bigger the buttons, right up to 40 iirc.
I use permaseal3.

Thanks for confirming Colin, do I really just make that the bottom layer inside the frame under the insulation?