Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

We are both 79, almost 80, and I reckon it is at least 10 years since we had to do the depistage, if that’s the right word. The regular ‘well man’ complete checkups for me alone (as a French worker I assume because Fran didn’t get the one for women) stopped around the same time too I think.

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Yes. This is a Falcon which I believe is the European equivalent, gas hob with standard and fan assisted ovens.
We have had it 10 years and it is brilliant

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Me too @andyw ! Glad it all went well :smiley:

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Just checked our underground water tank down at the cottage. It takes the rainwater from the cottage (gite) roof and I’ve also been hose-piping the rain from two of the house water butts down to the tank as well.
For the first time since early April the tank is full. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Update, I picked him up last night, he was so sweet when he saw me, Nuzzled my finger through the cage. Antibiotiques for 10 days, painkillers for 4 and we have to keep him in for 2 weeks!!! Oh and he has a cone, which he hates!!

Oops forgot to post this yesterday, just found it!


Good news @toryroo . :joy:

Did you miss the other cheerful news we missed out on yesterday? Loads of swimmers demonstrating support for something (sorry missed the start of the report :smiling_face:) completely naked on Bondi Beach with special dispensation from the authorities. :rofl:

Typical Bondi weather, cold and raining. :joy:

It was a Spencer Tunick organised photo.

Yes I did see that, fabulous! It was 2500 people to represent the Aussies who die from skin cancer each year! A timely reminder as I haven’t been checked here, my GP did it in Oz. @Lily gave me a recommendation for a dermo’ must find it and call!

Imagine me in my heyday living there and not watching telly or reading newspapers because I was a night cab driver (Yellow Cab Co. No 74).

That was just about the time I used to finish my shift and take a quick dip before bed, would have thought the world had gone mad, being used to an empty beach. :rofl:


Hurrah… today’s cheerful news really is great (for me anyway… )
family (mother and baby) in UK who had both been really poorly with covid (whatever form)… now are both well and thriving…

and again I say… Hurrah!! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Exellent news @Stella !

While looking for cheerful things to note today, my partner took a photo of the cat. He said that it shows that “happiness is a warm server” :smiley:


Joy of joys - finally we’ve had enough rain that our clay soil is soft enough and I’ve been in the garden ripping dead weeds and grasses out of our poor bedraggled flower beds. At least if I can tidy them up. I’ve even got a few roses in bud and it would be nice to be able to see them properly and not through a thicket of dead stems. :slight_smile:


Great joy, our niece in London has safely delivered a little girl, named Iris Araminta, after her maternal great grand mother, referred to as ‘Minnie’.
Am awaiting pics….


Congratulations, now from where have I heard that name Araminta before, like it but can’t remember. :thinking:

As with you, it rang a bell with me—but I have no idea why.

This list Araminta - Wikipedia didn’t help!

Possibly a period drama on TV? :grinning:

Was it that sailing / trade one from the 70s or 80s? Now you’ve said that ringing for me too!

The Onedin Line? Not according to Wikipedia.

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Yes that’s the one :rofl:

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