Anyone else finding Wise slow?

Just sent Wise £500 to be transferred to my French account and been told it will be there tomorrow!!! I only use them on the basis that they move my money in seconds. This makes me uneasy.

Anyone else having problems?

I had the same yesterday and it appeared in minutes.

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I used to use Wise for all my UK to France transfers, but I had the same experience as you. Half the time the transfer would take seconds, but the rest of the time it took hours. One transfer(initiated at 08:00 on a Friday) didn’t arrive in my French account until 19:30 on the following Monday. I now use Revolut and have no delays at all.


I did have one slow transfer a week or so back, but generally in seconds. Just transferred to swiss france this afternoon and went through in less time than it took me to change screens!

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I complained (by email) and have had this reply, which does nothing to reassure. This is from an organisation whose USP is that conversion and transfers take seconds.
Often in the past my euros have been in my French account before my pounds have been taken from my UK a/c.

Hello Susan,
Thanks for getting in touch.
We received the money for transfer 708524980 and we’re converting it now, which can sometimes take up to 2 working days.
Once that’s done, we should be able to send the money out.
It can take up to an additional 2 working days for your recipient’s bank to receive the funds. Your transfer should arrive by 13 June 2023. But in rare cases, it can take longer.
We try our best to complete our transfers as quickly as possible. But sometimes they might take a little longer than expected — this is hard to predict. Learn more about how long transfers take here.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Oh yes, I have questions! Like, why am I using “Wise”?

Sue - that’s the same email I received when I ‘got in touch’ following my problems. For me, the final straw was that my follow-up emails asking supplementary questions received the exact same reply. I haven’t used them since.

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Never suffered this and Its never that urgent to transfer as we keep a small float. That said it could change as we are going to cancel our overdraft facility with CA which was only there for any emergencies but cost us each month.

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Been using them for years, and always pretty quick…usually I send to France and Thailand from the Uk and if daytime it’s usually there within minutes.

My guess is that it has as much to do with the banks at either end as with Wise themselves - I’ve found them to be pretty quick most of the time.

Compared to old-fashioned bank transfers though they are paragons of virtue - some years ago I sent money from my Royal Bank of Canada account in Turks & Caicos back to my Nationwide account in the UK - it was sent by RBC T&C to RBC Bahamas, who then sent it to HSBC in New York, then to HSBC UK, then to Nationwide.

The whole process took four weeks and during that time nobody would (or could) tell me where my money actually was!!!

No it’s not - it’s Wise. Which is why it’s making me uneasy.
I’m only with them for their speed - seconds normally. If that isn’t happening then I’ll stop using them.

For me, it was the “most of the time” that was the problem, Chris. When the transfer was slow, any attempt to contact them to discover if there was actually a problem was met with a generic email that did not answer my request.

On the one occasion that a Revolt transfer did not occur within an hour I got an immediate explanation (“security checks”) via the chat function within the app.

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I agree Brian. And of course it’s THIS time I need the money urgently to pay for repairs to our car which is on the garage forecourt waiting to be collected.

After having a very clear run with TorFX since I signed up in March, we seemed to have had a problem with late transfers of promised funds to them.
I think this is because Yorkshire Bank (Virgin Money) may be taking longer than the 24 hours specified for payment to complete the transfers.
However, it might be TorFX being confused. I definitely paid, and received confirmation from them for contract no.12 yesterday, but it is todays payment for no.13 that is still in the pipeline.
I made 2 deals yesterday afternoon and paid immediately for one of them and paid for the 2nd this morning at 9.30, well within their 24 hour window but it seems that this has caused confusion.
In future I will only do deals that I can pay for immediately and take the small risk of losing some money.

finally arrived - thank heavens.


Have you asked them about the delay Sue, I cant say we have ever experienced it. If it was a delay in doing the deal it would be a compliance issue, forwarding the money I dont believe does.

Yes, she did - and their response was somewhat perfunctory: Anyone else finding Wise slow? - #5 by SuePJ

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I’ve been out of the loop for many months for one reason or another and have been dealing with the sudden loss of my mother just before Christmas and as executor I’ve been dealing with the agonising process of waiting for grant of probate and just recently distribution to beneficiaries according to my mum’s will…

I needed to send a substantial amount to my sister in Canada as one of the main beneficiaries using wise and was gobsmacked that the transfer cost over £1000…!

It arrived in her account the next day but still…

I have a Caxton card and am getting rather fed up with the charges when I withdraw money. €5 to take out €300 last week at Crédit Agricole. Does Revolut incur similar charges?

Its not your card, its Credit Agricole. Its the same for all non CA cards. Bank populaire or la poste dont charge

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This is likely a Credit Agricole issue rather than a Caxton issue although I’m not familiar with Caxton specifically so I may be wrong. CA societies in most regions charge for withdrawals from non EU card BINs which since Brexit they’ve decided includes the UK. Revolut do have different BINs a few countries but AFAIK mine are all UK, so would still have the charge. The thing is to avoid CA really but if they’re the last bank in town that’s not always possible.