Battle of the Breakfasts

I start this Blog, partially because having instigated a Blog about 'Contaminated Meat' I think its time for a move towards more savoury issues. The aforementioned has enjoyed some 2823 Views, and countless interesting and diverse comments, but personally I have had my fill. Interestingly the Blog did spawn another highly popular thread The Veggie Challenge which did act as a timely antithesis to the stink caused by the Meat Saga.

So, coincidentally I have noticed that many of us who pitch in to SFN, have taken to taking photographs of our food, shortly before wolfing it down. I have got into the habit of doing so as I am what my FB chums would call 'a saddo'.

Mein host on SFN clearly demonstrates that he is indeed not just an excellent Photographer ( copyright acknowledged ) but also very creative cooker. Hmm Hmmmm.

Just take look at the Survive France Network's very own Pop Pic chart, ooo there seems to be a lots of my photos on it ( at the time of writing )... but there are quite a few photos, all to do with FOOD glorious food all over these pages. Pass me a Wet-wipe.

Well now. Some may well have returned to the trad artery-clogging Engligleesh Brekky, after many years of being Mueslied up ( Muesli is much like eating the contents of the bottom of a Parrot's cage, including the liner, but with added crunchy bits ) I'm sure it's very healthy.. but will never do the same trick that a fry-up can, with lashings and lashings of hot sweet tea, acting as an antidote to the 'thrunging hangover. That type of hangy one gets, especially after a box or two of Vin Rouge ... you know the ones..where you have shredded the box, to get to that silver inflatable thing on the inside, so's you can get your gob round the tap, for those last dregs. Admit it!

Right, notwithstanding the fact that not everyone can eat well all the time, and some dear folk have no food at all.

Here are my posers.

What do you have for breakfast?

Is a damn' good fry up the sort of thing we should allow ourselves?

Do YOU take photos of your food before eating it?

Are YOU a Saddo?

Do you obsess about food?

Are you into Hash Browns? man?

Do you have an eating disorder?

Are you looking forward to the advent of Scratch and Sniff Screen Technology. ( SSST )

Are YOU regular?

What do YOU think about a good old Crumpet, dripping in butter?

Do you think that SFN is the best Network on the web?

Answers on the back of a slice of Warburtons.

hhmm here's non smiley breakfast

OK OK...we are a bit behind schedule.. frankly we are still processing BREAKFAST SUBMISSIONS from yesterday. We have a sample from Valerie Skinner ( still being analysed by Forensic ) and Elaine Small's Brekky poser 'what was missing from MY Breakfast Picture' is STILL unanswered.

I've eaten some pretty strange ( and crunchy ) things up in the Golden Triangle, bit like peanut treets, but without the flavour. Here is Pumpkin with her pet Leafeater called Leafy...can't remember it ate now...

But anyway I told her straight DON'T leaf him about...he could be one hell of a treet. ( I sleep walk )

Ron and his friend Tim, are in need of a decent breakfast having spent a little too long at the wine tasting

and another post breakfast coffee in here please!

Ah dear. Just been Rofling.. try Googling Battle of the breakfasts , especially in's amazing what has cached... scroll right down. Not bad considering Chris Moyles, Chris.. you know the ginger one, and every goddam cereal maker has pinched our phrase!

You for Coffee?

This moaning I are drinking Hot Choclit

This, ladles and jellyspoons is how to follow an SFN Blog.

Busy Bee Elaine Small, even though she has been poorly, took the time to take a photo of here breakfast. Why? just because she could!

Bless her little cotton socks!

Can YOU guess what's missing from the pic?


Hi Elaine,

It it a knife that's missing?

Elaine, tells me there is something missing from the photo

And has suggested that we make it an SFN competition!

Can you see what it is yet?

It takes a great Photo Elaine... The file was 6.5 Megs..that's massive!

Wow, Elaine, that's lovely

What camera did you use?

Here's a brekkie from Elaine Small, Thanks Elaine

No rush Elaine.... talk amongst yourselves

Gone for the healthy option this morning. FRUIT

( with a Yorkie chaser )

OK Just waiting for Elaine Small's photo... no rush.

Um, no pics, this morning, as yet, you're probably on the school run, or milking your goats or something... no rush, in your own time. After all this is just for FUN.