BBC Internet Radio Gone

I’m assuming the info button is the one shown as ‘i’. I gave it a long press and nothing happened, on the radio itself, and the remote. Same thing on my old radio. Might contact Roberts later to find out what’s going on there.

I tell I lie, I gave the on/off button a long press, and the sleep window appeared immediately, then I turned the big button on the right side to choose sleep time, and then pushed the button in to set the sleep time - it does work! Except it’s not the ‘info’ button you press, it’s the ‘on/off’ button.

The password I have is 20 digits long - on the back of the modem - all letters, upper lower case, and two numbers.

Pressing the ‘info’ button several times will show info about the programme you are listening to, scrolling up in the display window, such as the date, the programme, what it’s about, the language being used etc. A long press on the info button is a mistake I think.

The on/ff button long press is as you say for the sleep timer. I have done that ok. But I am talking about the info (i) button being used long press for the brightness adjustment. That is what doesn’t work.

I’ll have another go at altering the brightness by your method with the old radio later. But it didn’t work when I tried it yesterday.

I contacted Roberts on Friday but haven’t heard anything back yet.

See my reply just above where I say a long press on the info button does nothing. It’s a mistake in the instructions I think.

Agreed, but it was when you said

I thought you had thought that I thought that the info button was for the sleep timer, which was not the case. :rofl:

The Stream 94L manual says this - “Apply a long press on the Info button to access the display brightness setting”. But it doesn’t work. The info button is for displaying info on the display screen about the programme playing.

But it might be worth clarifying with Roberts what appears to be a mistake.

I changed modes to ‘DAB’ where the long press on the info button does open up the sleep window! Doesn’t seem to work in the internet mode.

Why are you not PM’ing this rather extended discussion about your non understanding how to work your newly acquired radio. It has chewed up a lot of space on this topic which was general not specific.

OK, will do.

Welcome to the Internet!

Because that is the way things work, other people might benefit from this related subject to your original OP but if you are not interested why are you still reading it? Is it preventing any more information about the BBC policy later this year?


Nope :wink:, not any more than most topics on here anyway :yum:

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Solved the brightness problem, so that can be bedded now.

Only when the radio is off or in standby mode will the long press of the info button work. It won’t work while a programme is playing. Or, alternatively, you can just press the big righthand button. Then you switch on and choose one of your presets, I assume.

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Thank you, I’ll give that a try. :grinning:

Don’t know what you think, but I’m a little disappointed with the Robert’s Radio Stream 94L. The display window lights up the wall of my bedroom at its lower level of dim, whereas my older radio doesn’t – it’s so much dimmer.

I shan’t go through everything, but I’m just going to have to learn how to overcome its annoying foibles.

There is nothing about the controls that I find intuitive. For example, I accidentally set up an alarm, and couldn’t for the life of me find ‘cancel alarm’ – I had to switch on the computer and search through the online manual.

I’ve sent a message to Roberts twice now and they’ve not responded. It is a quality radio but could be much easier to use.

Or is it old age? Bit of both probably!

Not sure if we are allowed to talk to each other @Bonzocat :roll_eyes: :rofl:, but I agree with you about the dimness, I can hardly tell the difference from ‘not dim’ but for me it is not a problem as I only use it with my eyes closed and with the blankets shielding it from direct view.

I have got my presets sorted, though strangely, early on it cancelled some with no reason at all. My real favourite is Classic FM which took a lot of finding as there are hundreds of stations of that name throughout the world. I think I added the word London in the end.

Using the info button as you told me, only on standby, I have managed to set the sleep timer. But even then a couple of anomalies appeared. Once, when it dropped the internet signal after 5 minutes and then found it again almost immediately, it cancelled out the timer set. It happened again the next night but, as it isn’t very loud, I couldn’t be bothered to reset it and decided to put up with it all night while I was asleep, but, when I woke in the morning, it was back on standby. :confused:

Finally , the standby clock. I didn’t realise that it was ‘live’ on standby not merely a static screen picture. Now I do use it rather than awakening my tablet in the night so it is very useful. However, although I set it to Madrid/Amsterdam time it is now an hour ahead. :astonished: :rofl: I might tackle it again today. :wink:

I did get a reply and thanked the lady for it while telling her that I had worked out how to avoid the password problem with WPS, (she said it would accept 64 characters :astonished:) but then said ‘while I’ve got your attention may I say that you have mucked up a perfectly good radio by giving it irrational and complicated controls and an absolute rubbish set of instructions’. No reply so far. :grinning:

Will they take this on board by the next time the BBC threaten disconnection, and will we be bothered, and will we still be able to afford the 200 quid or more for another one by then? :rofl:

Yes, I found the same thing, which I fixed by switching off Daylight Savings. The time will switch back one hour to the correct time if you follow….


If the BBC threatens again, I shan’t bother listening through Roberts. I can listen to BBC programmes if needs be on both the computer and the TV and even the smartphone. I have discovered LBC and listen to that more than the BBC now. Too late to send the Roberts back!

My old radio is now positioned up on a shelf just behind my computer monitor, and with the remote I can listen to whatever I want while computing, apart from the BBC of course, when they disappear into the ether.

I think you two are doing an excellent job of persuading people not to buy Roberts Radio products…


I agree! But once you get to grips with its foibles, it’s not so bad.

I also agree 100%!!!
No need to spend more than £100 for a very decent Internet radio.
Roberts old fashioned and far too highly priced.
Finally as I asked earlier why not keep your Q&A’s on the operation problems on private PM’s instead of filling this topic with your waffle??