Brexit: UK drivers living in the EU urged to get new licence

(Mandy Davies) #1

Not sure if this is news or not.

I’m doing it the other way and exchanging my French licence for a UK one. It’s going to cost me £43!


(David Martin) #2

It’s worth reading the French side of things.

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(Sue Young) #3

Easier said than done. Sent ours off last March. Still waiting. I know others have and still waiting much much longer.

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(Graham Lees) #4

Interesting isn’t it.
A CdS in France (as a EU Citizen) currently costs nothing but the equivalent in UK for EU citizens is £65 per adult…
Rip off Britain?


(Ann Coe) #5

Hi Mandy

When I changed my UK licence for a French one, many years ago it cost me zero !

I can understand that maybe (?) because you changed a UK licence to French and now back to UK there may be a small administrive fee , but come on how can £43 be justified ?

I do hope that any other changes you may have to make with returning to the UK will not incur the same fees !

Thoughts xxx

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(Mandy Davies) #6

Hello Ann

That’s the fee for changing an EU licence into a UK one.

I have ordered the forms online but I think I may phone tomorrow just to see if it may be different for someone who previously had a UK licence.

I, too, am anxious to do it before Brexit in case the rules change and it becomes more difficult.

I will keep you updated with anything else.


(Mandy Davies) #7

Just to update everyone on exchanging my French licence for a UK one…

I spoke to DVLA. As I previously had a UK licence there is no fee for the exchange and I don’t have to send any identification as I had a UK photocard licence. I have to send my French licence and a photo with the D1 form and that’s all.

Useful information for anyone moving back to the UK. Maybe I should start a new topic?.. not today though.


(stella wood) #8

HI Mandy…

Do you plan to keep a copy of your French one… until you receive the UK one…so you can drive meantime without worrying… or is there another procedure for the interim ??

xx Stella


(Mandy Davies) #9

Yes Stella. I will copy the French licence and the form D1 and carry those with me when I drive. Although, it’s not a requirement to carry your licence in the UK but if you get stopped you can be required to produce it (and other docs) to the local Police station. What is known in these parts as “a 7 day wonder”.

Better to be safe than sorry I think.

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(David Martin) #10

The bigger problem when returning to the U.K. and importing a car is that once you’ve started the registration process you’re not supposed to use it until you have the V5.


(stella wood) #11

Yes, David… I’ve seen that too… and wondered how folk cope. Thankfully, Mandy sold her car in France… so, one less thing to worry about…


(Carol Smith ) #12

We are both waiting for our exchange licenses. Yesterday we received emails saying we require a medical certificate. We’re booked in to see our doctor tomorrow morning. Neither of us can understand why we need a medical certificate. Can anyone shed any light on this please?


(David Martin) #13

(stella wood) #14

Carol… have yuo checked out this thread… it might apply to you as well…


(stella wood) #15

SNAP David… :grinning::grinning::hugs:


(David Martin) #16

It seemed that the question was asked on this thread when the other one is current.


(stella wood) #17

Quited so, David… we both saw it at the same time… my reply zipped onto the screen a nano second after yours… (great minds think alike) :hugs:


(Mandy Davies) #18

Is your GP authorised to do medical exams for this purpose? The Prefecture should have given you a list of specialist doctors. Provided he is on that list he can give you the certificate you need. If not then he can’t.


(stella wood) #19

@Mandy_Davies @Tally-ho

… it is possibly a mistake… there is another thread, where this is currently being discussed…


(Carol Smith ) #20

I am going to cancel our visit to the doctor tomorrow until we get this sorted out with Nantes. In the emails (we each got separate ones) they state:

Our UK licences allow us to drive a car, a moped and my husband a motorcycle. No heavy stuff.