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Or a sans permis vehicle :smiley: (Me too!)

According to The Connexion newsletter yesterday an agreement for exchange of British D licences for French ones is still up in the air. It seemed to contradict what was said on the call that it was all but done. Either the Connexion is behind with the news or the Embassy is being a bit economical with the truth.
Whatever it is its still of great concern anybody know more?

I replied on another thread. Kim Cranstoun says the Connexion is out of date. I believe her.

Kim Cranstoun’s text…


Various rumours, news articles are raising questions that have been answered quite a lot over the last week or two. So I am putting it all in one place for clarity of what is known.

The Reciprocal Agreement has been done, it is with the powers that be for checking and signing, how long this will take I cannot say but no one is specifically holding it up, it’s just the adminstration, hopefully something more concrete in the next 2-3 weeks.

We understand that:

No driving test will be required unless you specifically wish to take the 2 part test.

Expired licences will be exchanged, both cards and licences.

There will be a specific criteria for exchanging but I really can’t say what this is until it’s officially released, ie, translations etc, I have asked for clarification on this.

And before everyone shouts that there’s not enough time before the end of the year, the criteria will cover this.

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Franco British Network had a webinar today and it is published. Unfortunately when you click thorugh it is on FB!!! for those that don’t use it / can’t see it I’ll see if I can get another option!

Here’s the link to the video directly, which hopefully you shouldn’t need to be logged in to Facebook to watch. If it doesn’t work then let me know and I can download it for others.

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That’s very kind Gareth, I’m OK as I joined live on Zoom. I’m getting ‘No video format and MIME type found’ message.

I’ll check today but I think it is going to get directly uploaded on the weblink so then there’ll be no need to go to FB.

Thanks for this @Gareth, no facebook required.

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I’m just listening to it on YouTube… (of course you can watch it too, but I’m listening and working on something else at the same time… :wink:)

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Just wondered why this is still a hot topic as surely virtually everyone has applied by now, if not then are running close to the deadline and have already had least six months to do so
Hot topic to me is Driving licences, it is unlikely that many people will will have significant prob’ over C de S but thousands will if DL issues aren’t AND they then start processing without delay.
Was this mentioned in the webinar

No they haven’t John, we are still recieving at work almost as many emails / calls as before. Some people who were late arrivals are still getting organised to have everything in place to apply.

No, it wasn’t, it was a webinar about CDS no about driving licences.

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Regarding driving licence exchange it seems Italy like France haven’t yet come to an agreement with the UK on driving licences. Today it’s been clarified that UK drivers will have to take a retest unless they have already applied for an Italian licence before the end of 2020
France isn’t Italy but if this is a sign of the way the UK are making agreements it isnt good news.

Wonder why people are leaving it so late, its seems very easy to me even if you haven’t got a previous C de S…hope that’s not famous last words on my part! How come you are getting mails.?
I assumed, wrongly, it was a webinar along the lines of BE outreach.

Latest information suggests they have had 135,000 applications. This is far lower than estimates of the British population in France. Some of course will have dual nationality, other will have decided to leave (or pretend to leave) but still means there is likely to be several thousand applications yet to come.

As well as the newcomers rushing to get documents together, I’m sure there are pockets of elderly, completely non-integrated, British people living quite happily in their personal bubbles. And probably remain oblivious as they don’t read French, use the internet, or pay much attention to world affairs.


can any

I guess you are right…but unfortunately their world is being turned upside down, and it will now be much more difficult nigh on impossible to live under the radar.

Hi John,
I’m one of those people who hasn’t applied yet. I’m not sure if I’m typical, but I’m trying to get a job in order to get the 5year residency card, rather than the 6mth job-seeker card.
There’s a few irons in the fire, so hoping one of them happens before end of June deadline.

From the questions posed during the Withdrawal Agreement French Residency Permit embassy session, there seems to be other people juggling a few things also e.g. health issues, logistics.


As I said in my last reply to you:

As backed up by Chris’s own experience.

Because I work for one of the associations assisting people with their applications.


@toryroo, well done, good for you, and I’ve mailed you.

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