Chat function

cor… you have been a busy bee this morning…

Thought you’d like that one @SuePJ :rofl:

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I’ve removed chat as it doesn’t appear to be required :slight_smile:


I agree!

I did add a new feature though. Anyone notice?!

If it’s the following I was just about to ask about that


Very observant!

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Do explain more,I had a notification saying you were following me

If you open a members profile by clicking on their NIC you will now see:


If you click on it, you can Follow the member and cick on it again and you will no longer follow.

And what does that do? I will Follow you Graham to find out.

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Just notifies you of my activity - you’ll get bored of me more quickly that way :rofl:

Sorry Graham, NIC ?

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Oh do keep up @Peter_Bird!

(no I didn’t know what it meant either!)

But now as I am following @graham - I am hoping some of his techie-ness will rub off on me!

NIC = nickname the bit against your name that is clickable. In your case it just your name Peter and the same with you Mat but others have a pseudonym like Eddie in Edward Roberts (in this thread so you can easily check and see what I mean).

I’m social distancing, don’t you know :wink:

I’m following you because I want to keep an eye on what you post. A couple of others too.

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Haha! well, you did ask @Eddie :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you find it amusing Graham I certainly don’t, although I suspected it might be the case

It’s a neat feature actually Eddie.
Sometimes users don’t tag you in a thread in which you have an interest and you might just miss something significant or helpful so worry not.

Wouldn’t it have been better to tell me that in a PM rather than on the open forum?