Delays in processing requests for carte de sejour

Good point, we have been “censused” more than once. The number on carte vitale also shows if you are born outside France, but I guess under the radar people don’t have one of these.

I recall when we first came to France 13 years ago… we rented a holiday let out of season for 3 months during which time there was a census.
The owner was insistent - don’t fill it in! Give it to me and I will deal with it! What he had to hide is beyond me. He wouldn’t even give us an attestation that we were living there to get a bank account :roll_eyes:
My guess is we were never counted… :thinking:

I applied for residency (+5 years) a few weeks ago but couldn’t find a document to say OH had lived with me in 2020 (+10 yrs here!) so I could only include an electricity bll addressed to me… She subsequently received a query from the french authorities regarding her presence in 2020 and at this time I at last found an Ameli.FR 2020 attestation which not only gives her married name and this address but also her maiden name. I also included the 2020 tax d’habitation receipt which is addressed to both me and my wife with her full married name and address. All the other documents were OK.

I’ve just sent this off but I do hope that both above documents will suffice because I can’t find anything else. All the bills are in my name !

Do you think this would be satisfactory ?

If she has been in France 10+ years, has she not submitted a tax return either on her own account or jointly as Declarant #2?

If it’s not, I guess they will tell you :wink:

We are both retired and has been declarant #2 every year, but the tax return is in my name.

which is the normal case but she still has a “presence” recorded by the return. I’m sure @toryroo will confirm that to be the case since tax returns are in respect of the foyer, not individuals as in the case of HMRC.
Our tax returns naming me as declarant #1 and the other half as declarant #2 were accepted without question for the UE 10 year version.
You can also simply change your EDF account to show both names on the attestation they provide and is your French bank account in both names similarly?
These things should be done as a matter of course because, heaven forbid, if something were to happen to you, unravelling the whole thing afterwards during a time of stress would be a nightmare.
Apologies if I’m teaching grandmother… but these things do happen.

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Entirely agree with Graham. Please talk to your tax office about getting both names on the avis.

I have often thought about this.
I spend a lot of time researching family trees and census are an essential tool.
We have lived and worked in France for 13 years and have been property owners here for 30 years.
We were totally immersed in the system from day one of arrival and have never taken part in a census.
Last year we received a letter advising that a census was being taken but still no visit from anyone.
I therefore assumed that as the Maire has details of who lives where that details required for the census were gathered that way.
Seems a shame if our presence has not been recorded as it provides a valuable record both for now and the future
I have spent over 2 years writing and researching my current project which would have been impossible without census records.

you could fill in the census on line last year

Maybe but having received a letter advising that we would have a visit in the coming weeks…
Surely the idea of a census is to ensure that an accurate snapshot of a point in time is accurate and correct.
No mention in the letter of filling in an online census and if that were the case how can it be made obligatory?
Makes the effort to conduct a census useless if reliant on voluntary submission on line.
Certain procedures require physical input by an appointed official.

it wasn’t obligatary, it was an option

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Thank you for your replies. although the tax assessment is in my name as the owner, obviously the original tax return is in both names but I also submitted the tax fonciere which is in both our names, plus the her ameli attestation which is in her name. Since I’ve kept every bit of paper over the last 10 years, if they raise any more objections , I’ll send them the lot, lol.
I’ve only been “censored” once - when we first arrived but not since. I’m informed that there are 2000 brits in Deux sevres, but that is just the ones they know about…

English with Strine option :smile:

Anyone else looked at this article in The Local?

I can’t make head or tail of the spreadsheet but then I’m not good with google forms…

Yes - Spreadsheet looks fairly straightforward.

is there anything specific that you are trying to find out?

Which bit are you struggling with? It seems pretty clear to me… The tabs at the bottom can be selected to give detailed analysis by Dept. Manche is Dept 50 so look at the 7th tab along the bottom for your department figures (Dept 46 to 60 tab).
Direct link to tab

Under 5,000 people responded to the survey, so not sure how representative the results are? This is less than 5% of the people who are said to have applied for a WA CdS…

The more important info is British Embassy saying only 90,000 have applied. If it is correct that there are nearly 200,000 British national resident in France there’ a way to go.

For my Dept (39) it says 6 people have applied and not received a rendez-vous or card. Not a huge response.

Yes I don’t think it’s very representative. We’re going for our RDV next week…

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Sadly an enormous number (particularly of elderly folk) who have no idea they need to do anything. Sadly for me this will involve calling literally thousands of mairies over the next few months to help make sure the message is getting out.

Please send gin.


or white wine spritzers!

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