Disappointed in French vaccine progress

Not prepared to pay exorbitant amount to read something we already know.


Yes, it is expensive…I allow my self one expensive digital subscription and that’s the FT, as its very informative in connection with my SIPP.
But I managed to read some of the Economist articles for free until the free allowance ran out!
For a mag that is normally uber EU supportive it was really critical on just how badly it had performed over vaccine procurement, and clearly inferred that individual countries were not culpable. It suggested that voters will take revenge in the next round of elections and that extremely pro EU politicians will feel the heat.

Quite agree John.

Thé EU generally and France in particular have acted appallingly, Macron needs to fall on his sword and admit he got it badly wrong.
We need someone who will try to put the health of the French people first, ahead of financial matters and indeed European affairs.
Oh dear, I sound like a Frexiteer !

I’ve received an SMS offering me a vaccine in Nice. I live in Brittany.
Before I even think of responding does anyone know if this is some sort of national register, an error or, sadly, a scam?

Sounds a bit scammy…

Early reports are half a million doses administered yesterday, now over 10 million vaccinated with at least one dose.

Starting this Tuesday, Pharmacies, have injections, and are happy to assist. Its Astra Zeneca, with 2nd one in 12 weeks. Supply, not a problem.

Our local pharmacie isn’t doing jabs, the proprietor refused to entertain the idea.

Our pharmacy has been doing AZ jabs since March 15th.

Can anyone get one from a pharmacy or do you still have to be in the target group?

if you are over 50 they ask few questions it seems…under that it’s the luck of the draw as to whether they have a half opened vial they need to use up.

Just on numbers new 1st doses have really slowed down in the UK - just under 100k/day so although we’re still vaccinating half a million or so daily most are now 2nd doses as these obviously have to be given priority. So I suspect the EU will catch up somewhat in overall delivery.

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Dont think they are too fussed about target groups. Both of my mates were over 60 though.