Disappointed in French vaccine progress

Here’s the (1hr 18min) press conference last night, with Castex, Véran, the director of an Ehpad in Paris and the minister in charge of procurement of vaccines.

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At the press conference last night they said it will be on sante.fr. Over 75s first, appointments from 18 Jan.

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Just had a text from my Mother in England, my parents have had the 2nd C-19 jab this afternoon.


My Mum and Dad as well (90 and 93 ) please for them but even more so for my wonderful sister who has juggled looking after them with running her home, working and looking after family. She said she feels much easier now they’ve been vaccinated- not that she hasn’t been excessively careful anyway.


An American friend has just paid to jump the queue and get vaccinated…in the States of course!

Hancock said on Marr’s programme quote that “everybody in the UK will have been offered the vaccine by early Autumn” …and that next week we will be doing 200,000 a week and increasing.
Unlikely the French health minister could say that…anybody know accurate figures for vaccines done here and the targets ??

The disparity between the two country’s vaccination rates will likely lead to continual travel restriction though out all of 2021, and also continuing risk of catching it :frowning_face:

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Remember the parable of the tortoise and the hare… ok the UK has vaccinated 1.9%, and France 0.19%. But both countries still have a very long way to go!

The issue with France will be the take-up rather than the roll-out.


Yes, I certainly would not advise anyone to come to France unless they had already been vaccinated.

Hopefully not more over promising and then under delivery.

The Johnson promises as illustrated by the BBC

UK is obviously feeling very confident - it would appear they are all having a holiday between mid-Feb & end-Feb with nobody detailed as getting the vaccine in this 2 week period!

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Don’t like Boris or anything he represents…but UK vaccinated more people TODAY than France has done so far…either France is screwing up or he is getting it right, not sure which is correct !

I don’t think France is screwing up…yet. It may well do, but I think the next month should see whether it can get its system working. Vaccinations are going to be a fact of life for a long time, so if they can develop a stable approach it may well pay off.

meantime a further lockdown is on the horizon ?

Veran announced that they hoped to do 1m doses by the end of this month…not enough but I don’t think they have enough supplies to do more.

Pfizer reducing deliveries is not helping matters, a lot of not very happy countries at the moment with them.