Euro 2024 : Falling asleep

Wow😳 great first half but now they step up to a different league with Spain on Sunday!

Did Southgate bung the bent German ref a few quid?

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For me that was no way a penalty, but what does a rugby fan know of the dark arts of football.

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I agree. I don’t think it should be a penalty because it leads to defenders being too wary of defending physically when in the box, but they are given so the Dutch player should have known it and not had his studs raised so high.

I think Kane kicked the Dutch player’s foot more than the other way round… Bit harsh but not uncommon.

I’m pleased for Southgate and the team after all the abuse the fickle “supporters” have given them.


I wonder if it was more or less than the Springbok coach slipped the TMO last Saturday? :roll_eyes:

So far 45 minutes of good football, the rest uninspiring. Late goals, a very dubious penalty and winning a penalty shootout. It’s not impressive but Lady Luck is with them. I’ll be surprised if she can carry them past Spain.

Anything to do by a country mile with Rassie, I’m very dubious of

Yes, me too, I don’t follow football but do watch intentional games from time to time. Seems to me that Southgate, is the most successful manager England have had overall, he’s just missing a major cup. England fans and the pundits et the press should be behind him and the team more often!
England are in the final for the second time in succession!

He’s undoubtedly achieved more than his predecessors but I find his style boring to watch. I think I’d prefer bouts of inconsistency if it meant more enjoyable football. But then again I guess people remember you as a manager by your trophies.

Your a rugby fan / follower too, so you’ll understand my reasoning.
Steve Bothwick, took us to a WC semi final with boring play and +/- basic game plan but got there, a lot of others didn’t but they were good to watch.

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I feel as if I am living in a parallel universe. I didn’t watch the match but at some point in the evening, with nothing planned to watch for another hour or so, I scrolled briefly down the channels to leave it without sound on the next one I wanted to watch.

I briefly landed on the football channel and saw they were coming out after half time so decided to pause long enogh to see the score come up on the screen. Can’t remember the score but I thought it was a draw at that point then, just as I was leaving it, I saw the Dutch score, thus in the lead.

So how come that I later saw a report saying the Dutch went into the lead from the start and England pulled the winner in extra time? What was the score at half time please?

1-1 at half time, it was 2-1 to England but the goal was revoked as offside. The last few seconds saw Ollie Watkins score and take them through. Must admit they upped their game after the poor disappointing previous ones but I don’t think they will get past the spaniards on sunday without a lot of luck.

Where’s Sir Francis Drake when you need him? :smiley:

Your talking bowles :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Whereas under Wayne Pivac Wales weren’t good to watch and weren’t successful :rofl:

I thought they won something :wink:

Ouch, Mark… :slightly_frowning_face: I used to like you.

Thought you’d like a butchers at this

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I agree with him. Based on that match, future matches should be played behind closed doors, all decisions reviewed by the TMO and then let us fans know who won afterwards. There’s always been give and take and good and bad decisions on the field but this TMO stuff has taken over. Micro management and stop start play :roll_eyes: