Favourite Biscuits

I want photos no matter what!!! :yum:
Izzy x

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Ok :wink:
If they work I’ll try the kind you have to bake next, I’ve got the lotus-seed paste, the red bean paste etc. Can’t get my hands on salted egg yolks so I suppose I’ll have to make them.
I am very fond of mooncakes, just as well you only eat them once a year.


McVities chocolate digestives, Tuc for savouries.

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@IzzyM here they are

They are good!


What a delightful thread! Thank you

Biscuits make for such good reading

I do love a biscuit. Can’t really chose a favourite. Dunking in tea is and dunking has always been a pleasure and daughter has recently brought back some very good Italian du bling biscuits. They’re supposed to be for breakfast with coffee. Very good!

Also I rediscovered TUC when I came to France. It reminds me of school and snacking with friends.

Lastly. Every time I make shortbread it’s a great succès with french people. They can’t believe it’s so easy and no eggs!!

But that just scratched the surface of my biscuit life. Why are biscuits so evocative of happy days and good times? Even when it’s just been munching alone biscuits seem to create a good tempered glow.

Thanks everyone for the trip down memory lane.


Your talents are never ending.
My old dad adored ‘shop bought’ buns and biscuits and yours look so perfect they look just as he would have loved.
Of course made by your own fair hand they must taste twice as good​:yum::yum:


They look incredible!! You are proper talented!!
Izzy xx


Bet there is no high fructose corn syrup in them hahaha, ok enough now :grinning:

Of course not :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love oatcakes.

I don’t have a sweet tooth but I quite like polvorones, if that counts. Probably because of the lard and spices.

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You might like rousquilles Catalanes (not the rosquillas from the other side of the border).


I don’t think there is a French word for dunk. Tremper is the nearest I think.


Tremper is what we do with our tartines in our café au lait at breakfast. It means, in that context, exactly what dunk does, only you do it at any time of day with biscuits which disintegrate and leave slurry at the bottom of the mug, whereas we do it only at breakfast with our tartines and just get floating melted butter and bits of crust. Some people trempent their viennoiseries too.

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Arrrghhhh the floating butter and jam. Makes me want to puke looking at it when MIL (French) and DH do it :rofl: . My mum currently here and keeps telling me how ‘French’ I’ve become but that is one floating butter burg too far :rofl: :roll_eyes: :rofl:


My breakfast is tea then coffee, no extraneous substances :grin:


The best crackers ever better than anything we can get in the UK so always bring a few packs back

Chabrior crackers nature

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I agree with Izzy the occasional treat isn’t going to impact greatly on your life expectancy ,but if by knowing you can have that treat you stick to your regime better in the between time, surely it’s all for the good

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Not a fan of Bullet proof coffee then?

You should start a food blog - or perhaps you already do? :grinning:

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