Flea help please

Ah, that’s your problem then, too much of you to have a go at. :thinking:

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My house is full of cat fleas, and probably always has been, but the only way I know that is from my cats’ behaviour when indoors, always leaping up onto something high off the ground, especially in warm weather, onto tables, chairs, cardboard boxes, the mantlepiece even, you name it, so long as it is beyond the fleas’ jumping ability.

I don’t see any fleas except when I give the cats a going over with a flea comb. I get no fleas bites, and I don’t wear gear in bed except my skin, and one of my cats comes to bed with me every night.

You do get flea bites, so it must be either that I am immune, or my ‘scent’ doesn’t attract them, whereas your ‘scent’ does.

I know that doesn’t help but it does demonstrate that some people are prone and others are not. If you were like me, not prone, and you had no pets in the house, you probably wouldn’t know there are fleas lurking around.

You clearly are suffering, so hope you can get rid of the nasty little blighters soon.


They do say not everyone attracts biters. Out of interest, are you also ‘immune’ to mosquitoes? It may be a blessing.

I had a terrible reaction in my 40s to a mosquito bite in Africa – forehead swollen so out of all proportion, that I hid in my hotel room for 3 days! After that I occasionally reacted in a similar way to forehead bites for a few years into my 50s - I’d get a mosquito net over the bed in hot countries, like Greece or Spain.

But not now.

I do get the occasional mosquito bite in summer, at night, on my face, but nothing that bothers me anymore.

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That certainly applies to me thankfully, I have never been bothered by either. :joy:

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Dont forget its only the women that bite.

Maybe I have become immune to fleas and mosquitos over time. I see that it is possible to become immune to snake bites!

Nope, not even them, and I’m surrounded by various of the species 6 days out of 7 and nary a single bite yet.

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I went through three decades of life in Asia with nary a mosquito bite but I did have a design client once with a lovely house on The Peak in Hong Kong and a couple of cats.

After the initial briefing I would be in and out as fast as possible. My curtain makers refused to return after their first visit. The maid said the owners had no idea because they were never bitten. Place looked beautiful but clouds rose up towards succulent visitors.

If you go to your vets regularly keep an eye out on the floors and chairs as I used to see lots each time I went The vet said she couldn’t do a lot about it because people were not treating their animals with frontline etc and so the animals and their lodgers would infest the surgery and trying to rid the waiting area of them was a viscious circle.

My four remaining cats get Frontline treatment and flea combing, but still, the fleas persist.

I get sprays for home treatment, one can being sufficient for my size of house, but I buy 4 cans, one for each room, but still they persist.

I think my fleas have become resistant.

Frontline is becoming less effective.

We use prescription pipettes or tablets on the cats now. Frontline was useless on ticks and fleas were becoming more common. Seresto collars work - but they’d last a day with my cats.

Vet said it’s becoming more common.

That’s the second reference I’ve seen, the first from David_Spardo. They are expensive but last a long time. Might try them out. Thanks.

I see that they are relatively snag-free - good to know.

Mine also became resistant to Frontline Combo as did the dog so changed to Advantix for both types of anima and that seemed to work well. Was quite expensive as four applications per box per month for all the cats was around €40 and four for the dog roughly sameprice so spent at least €50/month on treatments but better than getting infested.

I got a tick on my leg cutting the lawn so put frontline on it and it fell off complete about an hour later. Might work better on us than the animals!

I’m hoping Seresto works for my cats. It will cost me just over 3 euros per month for each of them if I’ve got my maths right. A little over 12 euros per month in total.

99.6 euros (incl. postage) for 4 Seresto cat collars, each lasting 8 months.

Yes,it definitely is. We get a different one from the vet, which seems to work very well for out two cats. We tried a Seresto collar on the oldest after the Frontline seemed to not work and all the fur around his neck fell out after about 72 hours.

I’ve been ferreting about on the internet and see that others have had the same problem. Will try something else if Seresto has nasty side effects.

Please put my number on speed dial, I love customers like you, then I can take your husband out for a pint afterwards :joy: :money_mouth_face: :crazy_face: