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Wednesday’s figures… slightly lower figures, but the virus is definitely still active.
(good news: at last, we have achieved 80% of the population with a completed vaccination.)

Thursday’s figures… more than 100,000 new cases… seems astounding how this is going on and on…



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Just in case folk are wondering/disputing…

Seasonal Flu: En France , la grippe saisonnière touche 2 à 8 millions de personnes et est responsable de 10 000 à 15 000 décès chaque année .

Covid Deaths in France since January 2020: On comptait jeudi (21 avril 2022)… 144 799 décès au total, 191 de plus que la veille.
so, admittedly it’s over the 2 years, but Covid death numbers are definitely NOT the same as Flu deaths…

Saturday:… hospital numbers are still troubling…

We went into several shops yesterday and virtually no one was wearing a mask, people were also hugging and kissing as if things are back to normal.

Monday: Hospital figures are up on the day before, but 10 less than a week ago.

Les hôpitaux comptaient 24 980 patients avec le Covid-19, contre 24 888 la veille et 24 990 il y a une semaine. Sur ces 24 980 malades, 1 659 étaient en soins critiques (qui accueillent les cas les plus graves), contre 1 635 lundi 18 avril.
L’épidémie a causé la mort de 196 personnes en 24 heures, portant le nombre total de décès en France à 145 257 en un peu plus de deux ans.

Tuesday’s figures… hospital figures down… except in Intensive Care

Wednesday’s figures

Thursday’s figures…

Slight decrease, again, in hospital cases… but there are still a lot of sick people… (nearly 60k positive cases in 24hrs !!)

À l’hôpital, le nombre de patients avec le Covid-19 a légèrement baissé, à 24 130, selon les données de Santé publique France, contre 24 430 mercredi et 25 179 il y a une semaine.

Friday’s 24hr figures:
New Cases: 52,919
1326 admissions
141 extra in Intensive Care
149 deaths
1744 sent home (alive)


Saturday’s figures:
49 482 new cases… positive with Omicron
558 new admissions
1 562 ill with Covid, against 1 636 last saturday
Intensive care: 45 new admissions
61 deaths

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Sunday’s figures:
Positive Cases 54011
1557 ill with Covid (down)
Intensive care (stable)
Deaths in the last 24 hours: 22

Monday’s figures… slightly down, yet again… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Tuesday’s figures… still a very gentle improvement

The Average Daily Positive (new cases) for the week have dropped below the magic 50,000 - but are still 48,907 daily (which is a terribly high number)

My wife and I were in a tiny minority of people wearings masks in the cinema in Shrewsbury yesterday. I think the small auditorium is well ventilated but the majority of the 70 odd people were probably over 60 years.

OH and I have our masks and wear them when we go into shops or any enclosed spaces. Shops seem to be leaving it to individual choice for customers and for their staff too and it seems a real mixture of the ages which DO and DONT…
Although overall numbers of wearers are definitely down.
Except for the Pharmacy where everyone is masked/gel/sheep-dipped…

Last night’s car-meet was indoors. OH and I sat slightly apart from the rest and near the open door. It was a lovely get together but OH and I didn’t join in with the hugs and kissing… we waited until we got home :wink: :+1:

I’ll try and keep my lunch down but can’t promise. :anguished:


We saw our first lot of kisses in greeting since the pandemic last week, in the Cussy epicerie.