France Daily 2022, Passe, Vax, Travel (Update) etc

OH was somewhat startled when he received his first male-to-male hugs and smackeroos … from fellow TR enthusiasts in Paris a long time ago…
(how I miss that crowd, not got together for about 10 years as everyone has gradually gone their separate ways).

Our local car-club pals are almost as demonstrative. They’ve been held in check…just a little bit due to Covid, but are gradually letting rip…

In the village/commune folk are in 2 groups - those who kiss and hug… and those who touch their heart and wave… both are quite acceptable at the moment.

I remember encountering men wanting to kiss me for the first time when visiting church with friends in Marseilles. To know that someone might do that is doesn’t lessen the sense of being slightly un-nerved when pushed outside one’s cultural norms. :laughing:

Wednesday’s figures on the decline again… but there’s quite a way to go before the Fat Lady even thinks about singing…


Thursday’s update… still dropping… wondering what will Summer give us ??

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Confirmation that the Fifth Wave of covid is slowly and gently on the way out… but, of course, we must wait until autumn to see if another Wave comes into being…
(meanwhile the Fat Lady is remaining silent…)

"We were at this level last year and unfortunately the Delta variant arrived in June, so we can expect a new variant to appear, rather at the start of the school year, but we have the tools to combat it,” he added.
For this reason, Jean-François Delfraissy assures that despite the decline, “the pandemic is not over”.
He maintains the importance of wearing a mandatory mask “where there is a risk of contamination”, especially in transport.

(So hang onto your masks folks and wear them whenever you feel it appropriate.)

Friday’s figures:
still a huge number of Daily New Cases… 40,224 !!

The pandemic figures are on the wane (slowly) but too soon to judge that it’s all over… the figures are not insignificant… and the Fat Lady is still in hiding…

“Il est ainsi « bien prématuré », selon lui, de juger que la pandémie peut être terminée.”

I suspect reporting in the Press will go to the bottom of the heap now, with so many other things taking priority.

It would seem that 100 deaths a day is acceptable now. We’ve noticed a huge drop in the number of people wearing masks and using sanitiser be that in shops or restaurants etc. You’re only aware that Covid is still ‘a thing’ when you have to go any medical establishment or get on public transport.

or when a local falls ill… as is the case here at the moment. Got many folk twitching.
OH and I… we’re just continuing to take care…

I’ve searched and searched… Covid figures are no longer interesting enough to be put into print on a national level… even though daily contaminations continue to be in the 30/40 thousands…
Everything is reducing… gradually… so let’s keep our fingers crossed, masks and gel at the ready… and try and get on with life… just a little bit more freely than we have been doing.
But… as “they” keep saying… it’s not over yet !!


Worldometers still publish daily numbers (when available)

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Yes world figures of various sorts… which might well be the only way we can follow things for the moment.

As from 16th May, masks re covid are no longer obligatory on French public transport.
(mind you, if you want to wear one… you can do so.)

Covid figures- in 24 hours:
+830 admitted to hospital
+91 admitted to Intensive Care
Total Covid in Hospital: 19,762 (390 less than the previous day)
First time the figure has dropped below the 20,000 since 3rd January 2022.

Surprises me that it’s the younger folk (ie not oldies) getting reinfected …

Not really - they are socialising more and not wearing masks any more. It’s only the oldies in Leclerc wearing masks now.


Sud-Ouest seem to be doing weekly figures now… which show a gentle decline in figures… which is all to the good. But… a long way to go yet awhile.

A timely reminder of the Rules (re Covid) which are still in place as from Monday 16th May 2022