France for Xmas

I’ve sent you a private message.

Uk travel corridor is updated each week. Quarantine applies coming from all countries not on the safe list. France is currently not on the safe list. Very few countries are. But you won’t know for sure until the week before you travel. Grant Schapps makes an a nnouncement every thursday afternoon of countries added or taken off.

We had a very good English speaking dentist in Bergerac at one point - maybe it is the same lady? I can highly recommend her and when we moved away she put us in touch with her friend who was equally nice.

Also I know it is a bit more expensive but I would go Eurostar as there is virtually no one on the trains and very civilised.


Money that’s why. Directors’ salaries and shareholders’ dividends for a start.

Is anyone doing the opposite, ie heading to UK for Xmas?

Hello All, thanks for all the replies, love all the different perspectives and everybody has there own reasons and all are right.
BA have made my decision, they just notified me that my flight is cancelled and they have refunded me. They gave me a voucher to use before April 2022, which is fine. Taken everything into consideration, I think it’s for the best.
I will be in the UK for Xmas.


Is that the only business with Directors and shareholders?

Amazing to think during the actual epidemic in March etc every one flying no masks, no tests, now we are just in a seasonal spike and not a second epidemic everything closed.

John we are definitely in a epidemic,stop talking crap about seasonal spikes etc just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it not true

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Eddie, what is true is the scientific data and it most certainly isnt me saying it, if you took the time to watch the videos I linked to you would also see how the pattern of infection are working out. These are top epidemiological studies, Ivor Cummins is not David Icke .
Take on board that SAGE admitted to their epidemic model was from Wikipedia and they are now out by a factor of 12 and the harm they are doing to huge numbers of young women not having breast screening and followups, the coronary cases, the suicde cases where death is now at home all this is not being included in the mortality statistics.

It is real data being reviewed not “modelling”.


Sorry John I am living and working in the real world, I will believe what myself and my friends and colleagues are seeing not some videos

Of course you will, you’ll follow what you want to follow. Most news broadcasting is video but I"ll leave there.

I rarely watch news broadcasts. I know what I and my friends and colleagues are experiencing
Lived experience is more value to me


How can you trust ‘The Science’ when it comes from Wikipedia and why wasn’t the NHS challenging this?

Well yes because measures are in place,if the levels weren’t dropping with the tier system then lockdown mk2 something would be very wrong. Please don’t use Sweden as an example of good practice,they are having problems big time

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Hats off to you in the the thick of things, Eddie, and to your utterly reliable co-workers at all levels who are taking the strain for the rest of us.

Your personal witness really does count and it inspires me at least to do my bit to help, and not take anything others are doing in the front line, and behind the lines, for granted. :hugs:


I agree with you to a point about travelling vis Eurostar but it’s getting to Paris Nord that would concern me. The last time we travelled by train from the Haute Vienne, we had to circumnavigate the Paris Metro system from South to North and to say it was terrifying would be an understatement!
We would be on almost empty platforms and when the metro arrived people seemed to come out of the walls and just push like crazy! I would never do it again!

Totally agree with that but I got an Uber - 14e one time and 16 the next - completely painless and stress free.

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I guess depends which station you come into. We arrive at Gare de Lyon, which is two stops on RER from Gare de Nord and quite bearable outside rush hour. And at the moment quite empty I understand with mask wearing enforced, although not as quiet as in first lockdown. I came home in March via Paris and had a carriage to myself!

But Uber is a practical alternative if you are not comfortable with underground tramsport.