French Vaccine Programme

I’m guessing you’ve never watched it…??? :thinking:

You’ve guessed wrong then :wink:

Do you watch it every week…??? :grinning:

No worries Helen, thanks for your views, as I know I don’t have the full picture, and not everyone has the same ideas or perspectives as me.

Yes, I agree with you that, consent is of paramount importance, but I suppose it’s hard to find an exact age where a parent can authorize medical treatment for a child; it seems clear to me that a 6yr-old needs a parent/guardian/adult, whereas a 17-yr old is a grey area as they could get married in Scotland.

There have been, and still will be, some heart-wrenching stories, but I wouldn’t like to think of the horrors if we’d all sat back and done nothing.

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Heaven forbid NO :scream::roll_eyes: I have no wish to turn my brain to mush watching that tripe.
If it was a choice between watching paint dry or watching that, the paint would win every time.
If you believe everything you see on there, that’s your choice, it’s not mine I’m afraid.

Yes no doubt there will be and if there was some mechanism of compensation for those injured or discriminated against during these global clinical trials then maybe I would at least feel a bit easier…but I feel there’s a long way to go still and my line in the sand remains steadfast for now…

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Oh, I’m not trying to convince you (or anyone), just trying to understand a bit more. Thanks.

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Did I say I believe everything on there…??? :grinning:

I love and appreciate Del’s commitment to maintaining open dialogue…

I apologise…I sincerely hope that my views are never too forthright that I would ever hurt anyone…that’s never my intention no matter how lively and passionate a topic can become…

This is a bit of a mystery to me too, to be honest.
I don’t think anti-vaxxers are necessarily right-wing, but there does seem to be a link (especially in America) between right-wing thinking and various ‘anti’ responses to the pandemic: refusal to wear masks, vaccine-scepticism, advocacy of miracle cures (other than vaccination), even thinking the whole pandemic is a hoax.

Maybe they see it through the prism of the ‘small state’ neo-liberal ideology: enforced mask-wearing, mass-vaccination programmes, etc, representing a ‘socialist’ big interventionist state crowding out individual freedom.
Or maybe it’s resistance to change in general - medical advances and new technologies (eg.5G) that might also propagate state control, or simply undermine the traditional ways of doing things - and traditional power relations - that rightists hanker for.

I can see these and other possible connections - but I’m not sure they constitute an adequate explanation.


You shouldn’t need apologise for having an opinion @Helen6, forthright opinions are often needed. People need only apologise when they get facts wrong or twist them. Thanks for explaining your views.

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Some of the far right see anything that comes out of government as a plot. Other far right Christian fundamentalists think that Christ will protect them.
The USA is a much more isolationist country than the UK or Europe as it is so large and people seem to tend to attach their loyalties to their own County more than their own State or even their own country.

What about mycoproteins? Nutritious fungal proteins that do the job of feeding people and animals quite efficiently. Personally I prefer food to taste good, and this is bland.

But I don’t object to lab grown meat or processed bugs as long as no additives. Lab grown foie gras is apparently winning taste tests.

I’m a black belt in sudoku if that helps ?

Not really, I prefer crosswords.

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Outdoor mask wearing rules end tomorrow, and curfew ends on Sunday - situation in France improving faster then expected.

Just come back from Meilhan-sur-Garonne and there were people wandering round the viewpoint. I was the only person there wearing a mask.

I am glad things are improving.

However, I dread the thought that folk will simply not have a mask with them… and thus NOT be prepared to don it as and when necessary…

As M Castex says about masks outdoors :
Masks will be compulsory under certain conditions: in crowded places, in markets, in queues, in stadium stands, etc.

And wearing a mask remains compulsory in enclosed spaces.

Also today Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Lebanon, the US, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong added to Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and China on the EU’s ‘white list’ - but note not the UK.
Member states can over-ride this, so I think fully vaccinated Brits can still come to France without an urgent reason.

I’ve been very diligent from day one, but I must say in this heat the mask is getting to me.

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